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Making my own Christmas cake this year!!

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Nat38 Sun 16-Oct-11 17:24:46

I need advice please!!
I`m having a go at making my own christmas cake this year!! Hahahaha. I`m following the Delia Smith recipe & have got a couple of queries. Query number 1-does it matter if I don`t put the grated zest of a lemon & orange in it, will it make a huge dirrerence to the taste at all if I missed out these 2 ingredients?? Query number 2-does it matter if I use a 23cm round tin instead of a 20cm round tin as Delia says???
I`ve got my fruit soaking in brandy already, going to make cake tomorrow!! Also thought I could "feed" the cake after its baked & cooled with the rest of the miniture of brandy that I bough & also with some whiskey aswell!! Will this work ok??
Please help & wish me lots of luck with my first attempt of any sort of fruit cake-I`m going to need all the luck you can send me!!

Nat38 Sun 16-Oct-11 19:21:13

Please-is any one there to offer me advice & wish me lots of luck???!!! Or is this topic so common that you cba???? Hoping to hear something!!!

I didn't want you to be alone with your wondering so thought I'd tell you what I do with Christmas cake. Don't worry about the zest, I've never put any in when the recipe called for it and all seemed fine. I made the Delia cake for years then found the Mary Berry one which seems easier, if that helps.

As for the size of the tin, the cake will just be a bit flatter rather than deep. Just check the cooking time - stick the skewer, knife, fork whatever you are using to check its cooked at least half hour before expected finishing time. I seem to remember the Delia one always took longer than she said, but that might have been my oven.

When its cooked and cooled, just stick a skewer or fork randomly over the surface of the cake at regular intervals (perhaps weekly, depending how alcoholic you want it) and pour over a tablespoon of booze.

Christmas cake isn't as difficult as you think - you can do it!

hellhasnofury Sun 16-Oct-11 19:38:30

It will be fine with no zest in. You could stick in a tablespoon of marmalade if you have any instead of the zest. The size of tin will make a difference so keep an eye on the cooking time (it might need less time). You can feed it with whiskey, brandy, sherry etc.

Nat38 Sun 16-Oct-11 19:55:59

Oooohhhh, thanks a lot!! I`ll finish the brandy off then from the minature that I bought & then top up with Famous Grouse whiskey that DH likes!! Me-I hate fruit cake!! But the 2 people that normally bake it for DH, one has sadly passed away about 4/6 weeks ago & the other one is sadly too old & arthritic!! So I thought that I could give it a go-I love baking, love the smell that makes my house seem really homely!!!

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