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why is it that when a child goes from age 6-7 to 7-8 in football kits they are double the price!!??

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juicychops Sun 16-Oct-11 13:32:26

its madness! my ds has a long list of football kits he would like for xmas (im obviously not going to get them all - maybe 1 for xmas and 1 for birthday). He now needs a 7-8 kit where the top, shorts and socks are all sold seperately, whereas up to 6-7 they are sold as a full kit for around £30. The 3 items of clothing will now add up to £60!! crazy! im glad i only have 1 child

GypsyMoth Sun 16-Oct-11 13:33:59

In my experience, as they get older they tend to just wear the shirt ... Socks and shorts are then left surplus to requirements. My dc wear and aear the shirts all year round

juicychops Mon 17-Oct-11 18:28:32

my ds still wears the whole kits at training on Saturdays and Mondays but just the shirts with jeans out and about. I don't think i could get away with not buying the shorts and socks just yet!!

tummytickler Wed 19-Oct-11 12:02:37

Try shopping around a bit. I managed to get ds his kit last year at JD Sports (they delivered), and got about £20 off during the sale time.
I hate paying it, because ds is football mad, but only wears the kits for training at school, as he has to wear the kit of the club he plays for for training and matches for them. And he does not wear them at other times. He still wants full kit though!

tummytickler Wed 19-Oct-11 12:04:55

No! JJB Sports! Not JD Sports!

juicychops Thu 20-Oct-11 18:11:20

thanks tummytickler, i shall have a look on the JJB website. ds also wants his first ever Liverpool kit printed with a bloody name which is an extra £10.

Plenty of time before xmas so will have a little look about

bigTillyMint Thu 20-Oct-11 18:18:09

Fakes sold abroad are MUCH cheaper wink

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