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Is it too early to get my Christmas slippers out?

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mogs0 Sun 16-Oct-11 12:38:32

My normal slippers have completely fallen apart and I have a gorgeous pair of reindeer slippers waiting in the wardrobe.

Too early? grin

storminabuttercup Sun 16-Oct-11 16:36:42

I put ds in some christmas pjs last night, he was bought them last year and was to small for them, and they way he is growing may be too big by this Christmas!

Wear them!

LordOfTheFlies Sun 16-Oct-11 20:11:00

Weeeeeeeellll, yes it is a bit early really.
But you know you want to really, so we won't grass you up grin

BTW are you sure you didn't 'accidently' destroy the old slippers so that you can use the new ones? Hmmmm?

PotteringAlong Sun 16-Oct-11 20:12:22

I say embrace it grin

mogs0 Sun 16-Oct-11 21:12:49

Ok, 3 nods, I'll go for it tomorrow!!

LotF - my non-Christmas slippers have gone from being absolutely fine to being filled with holes, it's very strange but not totally disappointing grin.

I only put the reindeer pair away because my sister kept nagging me that they weren't appropriate footwear for March!

LittleDragon Sun 16-Oct-11 21:21:07

i'm listening to christmas radio online already and there is only 68 days to go!grin

mogs0 Sun 16-Oct-11 21:40:19

Christmas radio?... off to search tinterweb...

mrsm123 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:34:49



lol. i know its very exciting, im like that too but wait, its far too early.

Dec 1st is acceptable in my opinion.

mrsm123 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:35:32



lol. i know its very exciting, im like that too but wait, its far too early.

Dec 1st is acceptable in my opinion.

mrsm123 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:35:58

oops, sorry, didnt mean to post twice.

worldgonemad72 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:36:58

Wear them , they are only slippers, ive got my reindeer pj's on atm smile

mogs0 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:42:54

But mrsm, I'll have to wear slippers with holes in otherwise or have to go and buy another pair of non-Christmas ones...and I am in the middle of a major clearout... and i might be given a new pair for Christmas...and any more excuses I can think of...

Worldgonemad - ooh, I wonder if I could have pjs to match my slippers!

Well, that's it. It's 4 yes votes against 1 no so the christmas slippers will be on my feet tomorrow morning grin.

worldgonemad72 Sun 16-Oct-11 22:59:04

they are from tesco (last year), ive got matching slippers too grin

Listzilla Mon 17-Oct-11 12:02:00

Count me on the against list! I'm as crackers about Christmas as the next person but it really is too early. By the time Christmas arrives, the novelty will have worn off and they'll feel just like normal slippers. And you'll need new ordinary ones after Christmas anyway (in March!) so you may as well just get them now.

mrsm123 Mon 17-Oct-11 13:21:42

ach well, each to their own.

(says the women whos just bought 3 advent calendars for the kids, 2 fresh coffee packs for xmas hols and tons of can of diet coke for new year.)

mrsm123 Mon 17-Oct-11 13:22:53

tonnes of cans

startail Mon 17-Oct-11 13:26:08

I wear my Santa night shirt all year. I try to put it down the pile, but sometimes it is what's clean.

LittleDragon Tue 18-Oct-11 18:46:29

mogs - christmas radio live365

mogs0 Tue 18-Oct-11 18:47:47

Thanks, I'll have a look at the link later!

Clandy Tue 18-Oct-11 19:56:32

I wear Santa socks and "merry kissmas" undies all year long grin

Bublinskibits Wed 19-Oct-11 14:36:13

I've got some reindeer slippers (they're called Merry Moose, actually), but they have a red nose for Christmas that flips over to a brown one when the festivities are over. I've worn them all this year and don't feel out of place. And I never start Christmas stuff before 1st December.

Clandy Wed 19-Oct-11 21:29:32

Wow bublin where can I get some..! grin jealous!!

CDMforever Thu 20-Oct-11 16:24:33

Wow little dragon Christmas radio is gorge!

LittleDragon Thu 20-Oct-11 17:15:34

found another one since as well

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