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Who else decorates the Hall ,Kitchen, Whole House ?

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brookeslay Fri 14-Oct-11 10:19:46

I love decorating so the downstairs looks festive. I been googling images for ideas. I like those cards hangers in the hall ( less messy and can hide the crap ones better). I do a little hamper full of seasonal books.

Kitchen I did lights around the top of the kitchen units last year until my son smashed them slamming the doors .. so bad idea

Conservatory ( or winter fridge as I call it ) I was thinking of putting the JL paper tree and lights.

I also have a dilemma due to small living room I was thinking of putting the main tree in the Kitchen/Diner bad idea or good ??

MonsterCherry Fri 14-Oct-11 10:26:28


MonsterCherry Fri 14-Oct-11 10:27:22

i put lights round the kitchen window, and a few decs on the ceiling. tinsel on the banister and few danglies on hallway ceiling

Moomoomie Fri 14-Oct-11 10:30:39

I decorate the sitting room, dining room, conservatory and let the children loose on the playroom. It all looks very festive.

brookeslay Fri 14-Oct-11 10:40:32

Sounds wonderfu I have banister envy Cherry , will try the lights around window or maybe our patio doors..

I think you can buy snowflake stickers for windows so I stick them in the conservatory..

Great idea to rope your children in Moomoomie

girlywhirly Fri 14-Oct-11 10:55:28

I do the lounge/diner, hall and kitchen, the kitchen is at the front so I hang a lit snowflake and some smaller 'furry' ones in the window for the benefit of the primary school children who pass by, and the ones who live across the road. Other than a wreath by the door the front would look a bit bare otherwise.

If you put a tree in a kitchen diner, don't decorate it with salt dough decs, as they can go soft and damp if it gets steamy.

twolittledarlings Fri 14-Oct-11 10:57:07

I love decorating the house at Christmas.

Last year, I put garlands along the top of our cream kitchen units and also ravelling up through the hall bannisters and small christmas berries lights (powered by batteries) hidden amongst the foliage.

On all the cream panels of the upper kitchen units, I hung small wreaths on gold ribbons using drawing pinned to the inside of the cabinets (so no ruining the outside doors)

I also hung mini wreaths on all doors leading from the hall and unstairs too.

Also hung thick gold tinsel in scalloped shape on the whole back room french doors (7 of them) and each loop up, I would clip a red fake poinsette flower to it. So have about 8 on the back doors. Did the same with the side wall cabinets. (We have a panel of 10 doors units there.) As I rarely open the top units doors, just tucked the tinsel in and shut the door and ciipped the poinsette again in the same way. On the lower wall units, I would stick using masking tape (no marks afterwards) gold or red ribbons on the inside of the doors running to the outside and using little gold pegs, clip christmas cards on the ribbons attaching the ends back on the inside so the doors can still be opened.

I always put lights around the front windows and again using battery powered lights, I would decorate the hedge outside the front door. I love the room when the main lights are off and only the little christmas lights and tree lights are on everywhere.

I also decorate both my girls bedrooms with lots of lights around their bookcases. Each have a mini tinsel tree with decs on and a christmas santa lights garland on the wall with little chrismassy things hanging off them. Their windows has mini santa hats garland all around.

I spent a fortune last year on decs mainly from B and Q and Tesco but as this was our 1st Christmas in our new dream home, I thought it would be worth it as every year now, I come use the same things again and again.

mumeeee Fri 14-Oct-11 11:13:14

We decorate hall but not kitchen as it's very small.

brookeslay Fri 14-Oct-11 11:22:09

You sound like me twolittle darlings I love it when the lights are off, the rooms are twinkling and its cold enough to have a fire. I have bought some good bits at tesco too they do some bargain £1 decorations that look much more expensive.

I bought their glittery noel mini words last year hung them from kilners jars and popped in loads of festive sweets.

Mousey84 Fri 14-Oct-11 11:38:26

Hall/stairs and living room are traditional with wreath on door and boughs with red poinsettia lights on bannister. Bunting made from garden string and red/green fabric. Cushions made from same fabric. Lots of candles and pinecones and Holly.

Kitchen is blue so we have White and silver decorations- snowflake window clings, fairy lights taped to top of cupboards, silver candlesticks, etc.

Bathrooms I have wintery towels ( with pics or polar bears, penguins, snowflakes etc) and candle votives with snowflakes on them that sit on windowsill.

Kids make decorations for playroom, so a headachey mix of colours and themes.

Dds room has her pink tree and lights and pink tinsel dotted around. My room isnt decorated unless you count the pile of presents and wrapping paper that normally resides in the corner.

startail Fri 14-Oct-11 12:02:50

I think we have now run out of places for lights and treesblush, but DH will probably buy some more anyway.
Lots go in hedges and trees outside, kitchen window, dinning room dresser + small tree, conservatory + new pop up tree, DDs and our room have lights round the ceilings, DDs have baby trees.
Living room has lights along the bookcase plus a big real tree. But my favourites are the lights in the downstairs hall, simple old multicoloured ones that give a gentle warm glow, the hall has the down stairs loo and is freezing, the lights cheat it up and make it feel warmer.

brookeslay Fri 14-Oct-11 13:41:13

Ohhh Christmas towels,I must admit I do covet some American hand towels with Joy on them not sure they do them in the Uk.

I love this site swoon

Hope your making a cold place warm with lights works in my conservatory startail gives the illusion anyway

lillybloom Sat 15-Oct-11 23:47:25

the hallway has wreaths on downstair door and a little tree at the bottom of the stairs

the living room has cards, the "real" tree and kissing balls and lights round the window and little christmas ornaments

the dining room has cards, another little tree and lights round the french doors and more little ornaments

the kitchen has candles, greenery and some pictures coloured by the dc

Thats sounds a lot but honestly its very tasteful!

MeMySonAndI Sat 15-Oct-11 23:56:17

I put holly garlands with fairy lights around the stairs' handrail in the hall, candles and mini tree in the hall as well. Big natural tree in the living room bay window. Garland, baubles and candles on the dinning room's mantel pieces (And another little tree). Wreaths in every door and one on top of the kitchen table with a very big candle in the middle.

If I am feeling too festive I also put a tiny christmas tree in my bedroom. blush

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