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Looking for a very Christmassy weekend away for children

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HappyAsIAm Wed 12-Oct-11 13:21:22

The title says it all really.

Last year, DH, DS (nearly 3 yo then) and I went to Center Parcs for a long weekend in December. It was great fun, with lots of Christmas themed activities going on, which DS loved. They had visits to father Christmas, reindeers in the fields, a Christmas parade, fireworks etc. It was all fantastic.

I am looking for something similar to do this December. DS will be nearly 4 then. I know that we could do Center Parcs again, but we've been already this year and it would be nice to go somewhere different. But something along those lines to create Christmassy excitement for DS who really believes in Father Christmas this year, which is absolutely delighting me. I love Christmas too, it doesn't take anything to drag me into the festivities!

Any suggestions please? It desn't have to involve us staying on site, so it could be a day trip, I suppose. We live in Kent. (I have already looked at Lapland UK, and I am tempted!)

Thanks very much.

AKMD Wed 12-Oct-11 13:24:56

Can't beat CP at Christmas, sorry.

Abgirl Wed 12-Oct-11 13:29:32

Depends how much you want to spend but I've done disneyland paris at Christmas before and it's great, might not be as traditional as you want though?

HappyAsIAm Wed 12-Oct-11 13:37:19

Abgirl, Disneyland paris sounds absolutely brilliant, but probably more than we'd like to pay. I also have in mind that its somewhere we would all enjoy more in summer, and I don't think I could convine DH to go twice. he's not as into the whole Disney thing as I am (which is considerably!).

AKMD, I know - we had a brilliant time. At the moment, we're going to CP twice a year though and I fancied a change. I know that DS would love it, and he really likes re-visiting places we've been before. Maybe I should go with what I know!

LordOfTheFlies Wed 12-Oct-11 13:54:02

My neighbour went to DLP a few years back for New Year, her DD was older than your DS and tall) She said no-one queues, her DD got pushed out of the way, and it was sooo cold, queuing up was grim.

If it was me, it'd be Centre Parks.
What about a different Park so that it's not the same, but you'll know what's there and what to expect?

LordOfTheFlies Wed 12-Oct-11 13:55:09

If my DCs were 4, I'd go to Lapland UK.
Mine are too old for it now.

Abgirl Wed 12-Oct-11 16:51:28

We went for our 'christmas' weekend to DLP in November and it certainly wasn't as busy as LotF's neighbour describes - was really cold though which would be a consideration with a 4yo in tow. Lapland does look nice but it is a 4 hour tour not a whole weekend. Have you considered staying in a nice hotel near somewhere you can do a santa special steam train? - DSs loved the one we went on a couple of years ago - did help that it snowed the night before so v winter wonderland ish! Am considering CP for next year now though...

incognitofornow Wed 12-Oct-11 16:54:09

Message withdrawn

girlywhirly Wed 12-Oct-11 17:12:30

Could you do Cadbury World and a Christmas market? There might be coach trips you can do in a day.

Fuckedupagain Wed 12-Oct-11 17:15:21

Dd Lapland UK not get totally slated in the press last year?

What about Edinburgh or London?

Abgirl Wed 12-Oct-11 17:24:55

There was a lapland thing in the New Forest that was a mudbath with smoking elves I believe - I think Lapland UK is a completely different venture.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 12-Oct-11 17:29:26

search lapland uk in the mn archives and make up your own mind, there were lots of posts last year and the year before.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 12-Oct-11 17:30:33

fwiw, we are going to book to see a show with the kids and then go to the hyde park christmas thing if it is on again this year. we did it last year and then went to see father christmas at selfridges which felt SO christmassy it was brilliant!!

mogs0 Wed 12-Oct-11 17:58:17

My sisters, ds and I always have a Christmas weekend. We've been on a Santa train and a Winnie the Pooh 100 acre wood tour in Sussex, DLP, London (a few times as DS and I lived there) to see FC in Harrods or Kew Gardens.

This year we are going to London. We have booked to see Shrek the musical on Saturday afternoon then Hyde Park WW in the evening. I have just this minute booked tickets for the big wheel and Cirque extreme for the evening. My sister has found us a hotel which is costing £140 for 4 of us for 2 nights. It's not in central London but is where I used to live so will give us a chance to visit friends aswell.

We have been to DLP twice. The first time was for New Year when ds was about 3 and it was so so cold. I tried to go back to the hotel about 11pm on NYE with ds because he was so frozen but we were jammed in with people waiting for the fireworks so we had to sit it out until it was all over sad. The rest of the time there was good though - just take loads of layers if you go!

The second time we went, it rained the whole weekend and was, again, absolutely freezing! Unfortunately, we'd invited my friend who moaned the whole time so spoilt it a lot bit. We went early December and it was heaving so, combined with the bad weather, wasn't the greatest Christmas experience!

I can thoroughly recommend Harrods FC (though ds has refused to go for a couple of years (he's 9 now) so not sure if it's still as good!). Also, Kew Gardens was always a lovely day out on a cold, crisp day and they do fabulous cake and hot chocolate in the cafe grin.

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