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DC's first Christmas what are you doing?

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Justtrying Tue 11-Oct-11 07:36:13

DD will be 7 months at Christmas and whilst I know she won't remember too much what are you doing for your DC's first Christmas?

Its really my turn to cook but spoke to my mum yesterday who suggested that her and my dad would come round in the morning to do presents but then go home (they are only half an hour away) and leave DH, DD and I to enjoy our first christmas as a family. Mil only lives up the road so will probably have to invite her ( she lives on her own) for dinner if we are at home. Don't know what my sis is doing yet (lives with our parents) as it depends whether her new fella is on leave from the forces or not. I don't mind cooking for a houseful at all, but can see the pros and cons for both.

Already have a christmas baby grow for DD and getting her some swim toys ( we go to waterbabies but will have to stop in the new year when I return to work) and instruments for christmas. What presents are your babies getting?

Byeckerslike Tue 11-Oct-11 07:52:50

We didnt get anything for ds1 for his first christmas, apart from the christmas jim jams, he is none the wiser! Our dt's will be 6 months at christmas, so the same approach applies, especially as they will get lots from gps and aunty and uncles, although i have specified, not much as they dont need it, we have a house full of baby toys from ds.

Regarding the food, we stayed at home as a threesome on ds1 first christmas, it was lovely, we have done that each year since, this is his fourth christmas.

I would love to cook a big christmas dinner, but we dont have the space to sit and eat and the i would end up with a lot of mouths to feed, possibly 12, which is impossible. So i think we will stay at home again, my parents and dh parents come round for a cuppa and a cuddle in the morninthen go home for their christmas dinner and it works well.

God long post! Hope that helps!

YaMaYaMa Mon 17-Oct-11 10:59:55

Oh I am proper excited about Christmas this year. DD will have just turned 1, so will be oblivious to actual Christmas, but I can go all mad inventing new traditions, which I will force DH to take part in grin

I think we'll have Christmas brekkie, just the 3 of us, and then we can let DD mess with paper wrapped toys etc, then go to my parent's so they can see her, then to inlaws for afternoon and dinner I think.

I can't wait!

stegasaurus Wed 19-Oct-11 07:15:37

DD will be 8 months. It might be the only Christmas I get to spend with her as I usually have to work over at least some of it. We still have to work out which set of grandparents get to spend her first Christmas with her. I considered solving the problem by DD, DH and I just staying at home on our own, but that might be a bit miserable and I'd have to cook dinner.
I'm not planning to buy her much as she doesn't need anything and will be spoilt by extended family. I am thinking of a dress to wear on the day, some books, wooden letters that spell out her name to put on her bedroom door, maybe some bath toys.

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