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My christmas presents are done!

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Ormirian Mon 10-Oct-11 16:25:38

Pickled onions, shallots, beetroot chutney, blackberry jelly, 3 fruit marmalade and sloe gin. I've got a picture of some on my profile. They are actually for my brother's bday present next month but the rest are for christmas.

Feeling quite smug TBH even though DD looks a bit unimpressed at the idea of pickles for christmas grin

KinkyDorito Mon 10-Oct-11 19:03:20

Now the challenge is not to eat it yourself in the run up grin.

JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns Mon 10-Oct-11 19:04:35

Ooh well done, looks fab smile

Lilyloo Mon 10-Oct-11 19:25:36

Looks great v yummy

Ormirian Wed 12-Oct-11 16:27:00


I have already 'tested' the pickled onions blush

DH also tested the marmalade as I can't stand the stuff. He says it's good!

OvOntToSuckYourBlood Wed 12-Oct-11 18:55:23

They look brilliant, really professional!

Though I think you need an independent taste tester...wink

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