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What happens on christmas day in your house ??? ..x

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Honeyme1980 Sun 09-Oct-11 22:56:46

Hello , I would really apriciate some feedback on how ur xmas morning afternoon and everning is spent as i feel were stuck in a rut and would like to fab it up.. I have DD10 and DD9 and a DS who is 3 and feeling very excited for santa ... xx please share ur day with me im quite nosey so would find it interesting yet u could help my day get abit brighter smile

TastesLikeBraiiiins Sun 09-Oct-11 22:58:27

Wine for breakfast - with OJ if you want to disguise it...

babycham42 Sun 09-Oct-11 23:00:35

I get up at sparrows fart and then twiddle my thumbs waiting for DD's to wake up.
Stockings then breakfast then other presents.
Family round or round to them.Dinner.
Games and clear up.
All home and bed.

teresah1982 Sun 09-Oct-11 23:02:25

well im usually up first, sometimes my mum tho depending on how tired i am lol
we wait for my dad and he taked the mick then we argue over what gift gets given out and evntually open em all then make xmas dinner and my dad listens to new cds or wathes new dvds whilse we make dinner, then we eat and then wash up and relax the rest of the day messing with new gifts we got, then wath xmas day soaps.

Honeyme1980 Sun 09-Oct-11 23:03:53

Well tasteslikebrains u sound like my kinda gal lol smile Its the season to be jolly after all smile

workshy Sun 09-Oct-11 23:06:02

get jumped on and open stockings in my bed, then wait of dead beat dad to come round and they get the tree presents

he then goes home as soon as he can possibly get out and we go to my parents

christmas dinner at 1

board games in the afternoon

cold buffet at about 7pm

various relatives show up at different times during the day

sister arrives in an ambulance for an hour (paramedic stationed 5 min down the road from the parents)

the day is punctuated with trying to get those nasty plastic ties off DC's presents so they can actually play with them

christmas film after tea then bed

and mysteriously my mums living room looks like christmas never happoened by 8am on boxing day???

Honeyme1980 Sun 09-Oct-11 23:21:42

Aww Workshy i loved your post haha im with you on the toy ties grrrr annoying plus my DS wants every toy opened as soon as the wrappers off .... I hate when u have opened the gifts and have to find a place for everything ( seem to find myself trying to solve this on boxing day )

BabyDubsEverywhere Mon 10-Oct-11 00:22:40

#We all get up together and go down stair to piles of presents, Me and DH get dressed so we're ready for visitor but kids stay in jammies
#kids joyfully hack the paper away until they're all done
#try to eat brekkie while this is all going on
#wrestle paper out of dogs mouths
#Kids get dressed eventually
#Dh's parents might pop over mid day to give the kids presents
#We go to Restaurant with my lot for dinner about 3pm
#all back to ours about 6pm for more pressies and cake etc

Cant wait!
smile smile smile

MowlemB Mon 10-Oct-11 00:25:01

At Christmas this year my children will be 8 and 5.

* Get up about 7 am and children open presents from Santa (on our bed)
* Shower, get dressed and go downstairs for special breakfast (usually bucks fizz and pancakes)
* Open presents from around the tree (only the ones from immediate family). Those from friends etc usually get opened on boxing day. We take turns opening these, and play tricks etc so it takes up almost all the morning.
* Tidy the mess, find a few homes for new toys and then go over my parents' house.
* Open main presents from my parents
* Have lunch
* Open presents from others (small presents - aunts, family friends etc)
* Children play with toys, adults tidy up.
* Have a buffet tea (usually cheese and crackers)
* Play board / card games
* Children go to bed
* Adults get drunk grin

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 10-Oct-11 00:47:21

Re the Annoying ties, open the pressies well in advance, remove the annoying ties, insert batteries if necessary and make sure the toy works. Then put it back in the box and wrap.

I spent one Christmas removing annoying ties. I will never do it again.

BluddyMoFo Mon 10-Oct-11 00:49:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BluddyMoFo Mon 10-Oct-11 00:50:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BluddyMoFo Mon 10-Oct-11 00:55:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmberLeaf Mon 10-Oct-11 01:00:59

#2am christmas morning I finally stop and go to sleep.

#3am the youngest 2 start opening their stockings and try to come in and show me what they got in them.

#3:10am I tell them to get back to bed!

#6-7am They all come in and harrass me to go down to the front room where the big pressies are. The rule is not before mum has had tea/coffee

#7:30am open presents downstairs, spend the next 2 hours faffing about and playing with toys/gadgets etc and eating selection boxes for breakfast [is a tradition to eat chocolate for brekkie]

#9:30am I start doing cooking stuff.

#10:00am I pour the first drink for me wine

We spend the rest of the morning/early afternoon taking and making phonecalls from friends and family and I get tiddly.

#4-6pm Dinner is served, No it doesnt take 2 hours to serve, its just not at a set time.

#7pm watch TV loosen waistbands etc.

The rest of the evening is spent picking at food, drinking, more playing with toys and just generally being happy and enjoying the day smile

Takes loads of prep but I love it and just love the happy feeling of the day.

My fav parts are watching the kids open their presents and the cooking I love christmas day cooking, the smells, the tastes and of course the wine

Cant wait!

AmberLeaf Mon 10-Oct-11 01:01:37

Sounds fab Bluddymofo smile

AmberLeaf Mon 10-Oct-11 01:03:26

mildly warm alcoholic glow YES! this smile

BluddyMoFo Mon 10-Oct-11 01:05:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmberLeaf Mon 10-Oct-11 01:12:13

Do you know every single year [at about 2am on xmas day!] I promise myself I will be more organised next year!

Hopefullly I will manage it this year, Im hoping that as they are older now and the older they get the smaller the gifts get it will be easier!

I used to be soo organised...then I had DS3 and it all went downhill!

I hereby maketh a vow to do my wrapping early

Signed AmberLeaf Witnessed by Bluddymofo 10/10/11

BluddyMoFo Mon 10-Oct-11 01:24:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MyNameIsLola Mon 10-Oct-11 01:34:47

I wake up first and go downstairs to make coffee/breakfast, serve it to everyone in our bed and it gets eaten while opening stockings.

Downstairs for big presents, this usually takes us until 10am. We usually play with the new toys etc until midday all the while making phonecalls and trying to get everyone dressed.

DH starts cooking dinner around midday-one while I carry on playing with the kids.

Eat at 2-3 and then relax in front of a new DVD for a bit.

Play games at around six until the DSs bedtime.

After the boys are in bed me and DH slob in front of the TV until we go to bed.

Boxing day is an early start to prep masses of food as both families descend upon ours around midday for a party which goes on until everyone has collapsed drunk/from exhaustion smile

I love every bloody minute!

mathanxiety Mon 10-Oct-11 04:14:14

Christmas Eve -- Christmas Mass (DCs in choir) then dinner, then opening presents under tree from family, then clear up wrapping paper and general mess, clear up after dinner, play with anything playable with, then bed for all except me after hinting heavily for a while that they all need to go to bed soon, busy putting Santa Claus stuff under the tree/assembling anything that needs to be assembled. I never wrap Santa gifts as there are 5 DCs and that would mean a ridiculous amount of wrapping and wrapping paper. Take little stockings off the tree, fill stockings with lovely German/Swiss chocolate and hang under the mantelpiece. Bed for me usually 1-2 am.
DCs wake at silly o'clock and say SHHHHHHHHHHH and OOOOOOOOHHH until I am fully awake and feeling like strangling them
Breakfast around 9-10ish usually with everyone in pjs. Breakfast is usually trad Irish breakfast, mushrooms, tomatoes, rashers, sausages, and eggs, but also cinnamon rolls, some sort of fruit, toast, tea, coffee, oj. And German/Swiss chocolate.
A bit of clearing up, running dishwasher, and opening packets, wrestling with scissors proof plastic.
Shower and dress (me first) in dribs and drabs.
See to last minute dessert prep and making of pumpkin pie, and usually make stuffing for the turkey. No one ever wants a sit down lunch of any kind, just pick at breakfast leftovers. Call family in far off places.
Get dinner cooking under way around 1-2 pm -- turkey stuffed and in oven, veggies all prepped, and table set for dinner which is usually somewhere between 5 and 7.
Relaxing/munching chocolate most of the afternoon interspersed with seeing to things in the kitchen such as putting potatoes in the roasting pan. No real boozing until this is accomplished as it can be tricky. Wine is not your friend if you anticipate dealing with hot grease
Dinner frenzy breaks out late afternoon with turkey out of the oven resting and veggies all ready -- hopefully -- at the same time; make gravy, carve turkey, put all dinner elements on serving dishes and cart to the table, eat (always happens really fast it seems) and then back to the couch for some belt loosening, then dessert if anyone has any room left. Then clearing up, jamming leftovers into the fridge, usually run the dishwasher twice, try to get wine, cranberry and gravy stains out of the tablecloth.
A bit of midnight snacking and finally bed.

Why do you wrap if you hate it?

ClaudiaSchiffer Mon 10-Oct-11 04:43:15

We live in the Southern Hemisphere, well Australia actually, dunno why I'm being so coy. Anyhoo, it's a hot Christmas usually which has taken me about 5 years to get used to but I sort of love it now. Our day goes a bit like this . . .

Early, early, am, kids wake to open stockings.

Breakfast of something fancy schmancy like un, pancakes on the bbq cooked by Aussie dh.

We generally head to the beach for a morning swim if weather warm enough, then over to in-laws or bils or home if we're hosting.

Spend a frantic 30 mins with the kids, their cousins and grandparents opening presents. Adults necking Champagne or beer.

Slap up lunch of Crayfish, prawns, cold stuff.

Afternoon, play with toys, play beach cricket or other games, meet up with friends.

Evening, swim.

Note NO TELLY. As sadly telly is unremitingly dull here. So not pleasent evening with turkey sandwiches, and a box of Roses slumped in front of Morecombe and Wise rpts. Actually, I really really miss that part of Christmas <runs away sobbing with homesickness>.

FannyNil Mon 10-Oct-11 05:01:56

I get up early and potter, have lots of coffee. Go back to bed and open the curtains while I watch it get light. When DD (now 17) wakes we open presents. She still adores Christmas, so it's lovely to watch. Breakfast will be pancakes with bacon for her, probably mushrooms on toast for me. I really enjoy cooking lunch, which we have at about 2 - 3. Last year we were invited out in the evening which was lovely and different for us. On Boxing Day she goes off to see her father for a few days and I do a lot of reading and take some long walks if the weather is Ok. Always a tad sad when 25th is over, though.

Iteotwawki Mon 10-Oct-11 05:04:19

Another Southern Hemisphere christmas smile

Up early with boys for stockings.
Breakfast - bacon, pancakes, croissants & jam.
Skype UK relatives for opening presents from them.
Morning tea - chocolate & crisps mainly.
Presents from us to boys & vv.
Lunch - roast turkey & stuffing picnic on beach.
Rest of day - boys working off sugar load racing around beach, might join them for a swim if it's warm enough.
Dinner - roast turkey, stuffing & cranberry paninis, crisps, leftover stuff.
Boys to bed, we play games for a few hours then join them.

MiL joining us for the first time this year, can't wait smile

TheRealMBJ Mon 10-Oct-11 06:00:39

I miss my Southern Hemisphere Christmas sad have only been in the UK for 3 years (and for one of those we went home)

MIL currently still has a firm grip on Christmas over here sad

Must do something about it really....

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