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A cosy modest Christmas

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reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 09:19:53

Money is really tight at the moment. I'm not buying new decorations this year. I'm thinking of making my own cards with watercolours. We set a limit in our family of a fiver each years ago but I always spent more. My main focus is the children and making it really special for them.

So I need some ideas for presents for adults up to about £5 and any ideas to have a nice cosy Christmas without spending a fortune.

Blueberties Sun 09-Oct-11 09:27:40

Have you got one of these shops near you?

Definitely an alternative to "oh I've seen that in Ikea marketplace!"

Your idea sounds really lovely.

Blueberties Sun 09-Oct-11 09:29:34

Sorry that sounds ridiculous after you starte dout saying money is tight. I mean it really sounds like you could have a lovely time despite that.

reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 09:31:01

blueberties that shop looks great. Not anywhere near one though sad

reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 09:39:00

No worries, I got what you meant smile

Moomoomie Sun 09-Oct-11 09:41:54

Could you make people jars of chutneys, or bake biscuits or a cake?
Or make up a hydrangea in a pot?
Can you sew?
You can see which direction I am going in.

Blueberties Sun 09-Oct-11 09:44:37

Oh that is such a shame. It's not an online shop either. Hmm.

reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 09:51:34

I've been thinking of homemade gifts, yes. I shall have a browse on the threads I have seen. I have a sewing machine, can knit (but very slow) and an okay baker.

I made some hampers a few years ago. Don't think I could do that on a fiver or perhaps £10 a couple though.

IvyAndGold Sun 09-Oct-11 09:55:59

Yes to baking as presents, a friend of mine did this last year as money was a little tight and it was all greatly received!

I would MUCH prefer home-made cards to shop-bought ones. The personal touch goes a long way smile

You should go to Pinterest and request an invite to join. There are so many great ideas for little crafty gifts (and Christmas decorations if you really want new ones wink)

I am planning these Christmas cards, with the unwilling help of little DD grin

reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 10:06:13

Re cards, I have some watercolour paper cards and was thinking of painting some myself and letting the kids do some (grandparents...)

Christmas dinner is at SIL's house so I have not got to worry about that. She always makes it and is quite the expert now smile

reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 10:07:41

iveandgold love the baby christmas cards! Shame my DC are 10 and 5 and their feet are now enormous smile

IvyAndGold Sun 09-Oct-11 10:18:59

But everyone loves enormous Christmas cards! grin

BabyDubsEverywhere Sun 09-Oct-11 12:52:39

Reckoner, Im doing small hampers for people, Im spending a tenna a couple, including:
A 2ltr bottle of homemade cider with a few mulling spices bags, (about a fiver)
Then a glass biscuit jar from tesco (1.70) filled with either honeycomb, coconut ice, fudge, biscuits or ginger bread
With the wrapping etc about £10.

Tbh, its this or nothing this year, we dont have any cash. Hoping people will appreciate the effort as apposed to cost. smile

HattiFattner Sun 09-Oct-11 13:05:53

If you havent already discovered Pinterest, go on there and have a look for christmas, gifts, crafts - there are some amazing ideas if you are crafty. SOme cute ideas for cards too, using kids hands and feet. Also search for gifts in jars - there are so many ideas out there for cookies, peppermit chocolate, cakes etc etc etc.

reckoner Sun 09-Oct-11 13:33:15

Thanks, I am on Pinterest now. I'm surprised I hadn't seen it before!

babydubseverywhere I am hoping the effort and originality will be appreciated too. Your hamper ideas sound lovely.

I'm working for Boots this Christmas so hopefully can use my staff discount for most presents for the children.

dreamingbohemian Sun 09-Oct-11 13:57:29

Are you into music? One year I made up custom playlists for all my friends out of my music (stuff I knew they would like) and copied them onto blank CDs, cost almost nothing.

You can download a lot of Christmas-type music for free, so could make up Christmas CDs.

I think anything with a personal touch is lovely, nice ideas here smile

ENormaSnob Sun 09-Oct-11 14:10:12

I would love homemade gifts. Especially consumable ones.

I am going to make flavoured vodka. Buying a litre bottle of voddy, infusing it with whatever I decide then decanting into smaller bottles.

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