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Toy kitchen

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tummytickler Sun 09-Oct-11 07:27:19

I have seen a lovely and bargainous toy kitchen here

I am in two minds whether to buy it, as dd is 6 and ds is 4. They quite often get the food out, but wonder how long that will last. I know it is a bargain, but we are not very rich this year, so it is only a bargain if they will use it lots. I love it!

Do you think 4 and 6 is a bit old for a toy kitchen? Our last one was so well loved that we had to get rid (6 years of good use!) , but they are all older now, so I am unsure!

LovingChristmas Sun 09-Oct-11 07:32:16

Oooh, that's fab, I want a toy kitchen but DSS (13) would probably think I'm mad!

I guess only you know how much your kids like role play sort of games, if they do play stuff similar then potentially a good buy! Not really helpful, but it is fab! smile

Georgimama Sun 09-Oct-11 07:33:21

wow, that is cheap. The Ikea wooden one is £90! My DS still plays with the (plastic) toy kitchen at my mum's house, as does DN and they are 5 and 4 - that's two boys. Only you know if they are the kind of girls likely to be still itnerested in it at 4 and 6, I would have been, my cousin wouldn't.

JohnniesBitch Sun 09-Oct-11 13:35:37

That is a good price. Dd1 has the John Lewis red wood one and she plays with it a fair bit. She's 5.6. Ikea was the best place for accessories for the kitchen.

JjandtheBeanlovesUnicorns Sun 09-Oct-11 14:44:33

That is lovely! We've just been given a lovely kitchen and ds whos 4 loves it! And my sister who is 6 plays with it constantly when she visits!

storminabuttercup Sun 09-Oct-11 20:32:39

That's lovely!! I'm considering it for DS who is 14 months he loves playing with pots and pans etc so I think would like it, maybe he is too young though?

I'm sure I played with my toy kitchen until I was about eight!

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