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another christmas hamper thread...going to start one 4 daughter 2 add 2 magic of xmas...ideas plz

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lilyj2010 Thu 06-Oct-11 14:25:11

Ok, so i no my daughter is really a bit young, shes 18 months but i feel now is as good a time to start the xmas eve hamper. So far I have thought i will add her news pjs and dressing gown and slippers, maybe chocolately xmas shapes of some description or coins, marshmallows, reindeer food and the jolly xmas postman and mickeys once upon a xmas and dora xmas dvd. Anything else i am missing??

I was also going to add a few beers for dp along with new pjs for him and perhaps hot chocolate and pjs for myself or is this 2 much??

what r u's adding???

25goingon95 Thu 06-Oct-11 15:34:12

My DDs are 5 and nearly 2. In our hamper we will have:

New PJs for all of us apart from DH who doesn't wear them
A christmas colouring book and new felt tips
Some ingredients for baking something like chistmassy biscuits or cupcakes
A DVD like maybe polar express as i love that film!!!
A new christmas book for bedtime
A bag of chocolate coins each
A board game for older DD, DH and i to play before bed
Hot chocolate and popcorn (for the film)

I only put the baking stuff and something to colour or make because DH works on christmas eve so i like to include something to keep DDs busy if i need to get on with things!

25goingon95 Thu 06-Oct-11 15:35:22

PS thanks for reminding me, the book i want this year is the jolly christmas postman!!! smile

LordOfTheFlies Fri 07-Oct-11 22:01:31

I've bought new PJs the last few years, but this year I'm going to do proper hampers.

I'm going to 'relocate' some boxes from work and cover with Christmas paper, line with tissue paper and wrap it all in cellophane.

Festive PJs (Primark)
Slippers (already bought from Lands End sale)
Lakeland Limited santa/snowman mugs with spoons
Sachet of Cadburys instant drinking chocolate
A Lush Bath Bomb
An annual
Gingerbread man
Tube of Smarties/Fruit Pastilles
Jigsaw or card game.
Christmas dominos (Hawkins Bazaar)
A sky lantern to release (weather permitting) with their presents list written on it.Rather than posting up the chimney!

Last year we watched Nativity on Movies On Demand. V. Funny.

LordOfTheFlies Fri 07-Oct-11 22:04:15

My DC are 12 and 9.6 so my days of nice proper Christmases are numbered.Then they will morph into stroppy teens sad

TwoNoisyBoys Sun 09-Oct-11 09:43:45

I've always got my two DS's new pjs for Christmas Eve, and for the last two years we've done a sky lantern..........this is a a fab idea though, will definitely be doing this on Christmas Eve this year! Do you wrap all the items up, or are they in a hamper/box for them to open? Also, is it all in one box, and if so, how do you stop them fighting over who opens it grin??

winefairy Sun 09-Oct-11 10:25:42

I like the sky lantern idea but I live in a city and sky lanterns are a bit of a no-no so my hamper will include little tealights which will be put in glass jars lining the front path. I shamelessly stole this idea from another thread. Part of our Christmas Eve tradition will be to light them before bed. And we will all enjoy this. Oh yes, we will.

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