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Scuttlebugs / scramblebugs... opinions?

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mummynoseynora Thu 06-Oct-11 11:53:15

Do your DC have one? How old are they? the 3 / 4 wheeler ? do they enjoy?

I have a 21 m old and was debating it as a christmas present....

Redumbdancy Thu 06-Oct-11 11:58:52

My 17mo is getting a 3 wheeled scuttlebug for Christmas, she's been playing with her friend's and is quite happy on it, she's quite big for her age though.

ENormaSnob Thu 06-Oct-11 14:16:03

Ds2 nearly 2 got a scuttlebug for his 1st birthday.

It has been used daily.

The scramble bugs are £23 Inc vat in costco.

olibeansmummy Thu 06-Oct-11 18:20:48

Ds got the scuttlebug last year, he was 19 months. He loved it at 1st and it's great that it folds away, but by the time he was 2 he'd outgrown it really. He got a balance bike and much prefers that. He I'd quite errrr, boisterous though!

mummynoseynora Thu 06-Oct-11 18:59:59

thanks all

olibean thats interesting ta... mine is rather boistrous too! His favourite pass time is waiting until I leave the room then climbing into the windowsill!

He's a shortie though and not found a balance bike small enough yet!

olibeansmummy Thu 06-Oct-11 20:08:47

Haha sounds familiar!! Ds is a shorty too, but got a 10" balance bike from toys r us ( a toy story one) for his 2 nd birthday. It was a teeny bit big at first but was perfect in literally a few weeks and the seat and handle bars raise up when he needs it smile is your ds 2 months now or at Xmas?

BexieID Thu 06-Oct-11 23:23:00

They have both at toddlers. Erin is 21 months (in 9-12 clothes though) and she can manage the Scramblebug ok. The handlebars on the Scuttlebug look well weird, imho.

mummynoseynora Fri 07-Oct-11 13:28:25

he is 21 m now... turns 2 at the start of Jan (and legs wise only just comfortable in 12-18 bottoms)

hophophippidtyhop Fri 07-Oct-11 14:29:15

dd2 has the four wheel one. She's 14 months but not walking yet, so only pushes herself backwards on it. Sure when she starts walking she will go foward too! She is 73cm tall (measured the other day) and just about reaches the ground if that helps.

Pigleychez Fri 07-Oct-11 18:18:09

DD2 got a Scuttlebug at about 13mths. She's now 17mths and happily 'walks' herself along on it. Slowly getting faster but needs to master actually sitting on it as opposed to straddling it and pushing it along.

Loves it though! Just bought a scuttlebug for my Nieces 1st birthday and its a fit with her too.
My 3year old loves a sneaky go on it too. She got a 10 inch (toys r us) balance bike for her birthday.

virgiltracey Fri 07-Oct-11 18:21:32

Scuttlebug went down well with my DSs. Balance bike on the other hand was used about 4 times. In fact DH has said he's putting it in the skip this evening. It literally still has the bobbly bits on the tyres.

Jumbs Fri 07-Oct-11 22:00:43

Got scuttlebug last xmas for my then 20mth old DS. Used plenty by him and his (then 3.5 yr old) brother and still used fairly frequently by both now. Only ever used indoors. It is ofen used as a seat to eat snacks at the coffee table! The scuttlebug (ladybird one only) was going cheap in argos when we got ours.

Interestingly we have wooden balance bike too which DS2 has used since 2.4yrs (he is tall tho), this is only used outdoors tho.

fifitrixibell Fri 07-Oct-11 22:03:23

my 2 year old loves his scuttle bug - he is quite small though. my (also small) 6 year old loves it too, as does any other small child who comes in the house.

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