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What makes a magical Christmas?

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Magneto Wed 05-Oct-11 17:29:46

To me Christmas should always be special and exciting and a bit like the coca cola advert. When I was very small this is how I remember Christmas but due to family problems all my Christmases from I was about 10 till I left home were non presents no decorations no atmosphere.

BUT now I have ds who will be 16 months in december and Christmas will be fantastically magical once again! The problem is I have no traditions aside from leaving a carrot, mince pie and glass of milk for FC and Rudolph (growing up in my house FC got a glass of wine but now he's been through AA and is a reformed character)

I have had a read through here and am definitely goingto start Christmas pjs and a Xmas eve hamper, also considering a festive Yankee candle as a treat! But I'd love some more ideas on how make Christmas extra special of you wouldn't mind sharing grin

ToothlesstheDragon Wed 05-Oct-11 20:01:23

sprinkle flour mixed with glitter on the floor and get some big boots to make footprints (santas)

make decorations with him.

read him stories specific to the time of year (one snowy night is lovely)

go for walks all cosied up. go to your local "lights being switched on"

lots of simple things that don't cost a fortune, but the memories are lovely smile

pramsgalore Wed 05-Oct-11 20:46:31

go to the pound shop and get a large christmas key, and then get lo to put it outside for santa on christmas eve, its his magic key [my 11 year old still did this last year] put some little presents in the tree, nice surprise for later on in the day. go to a local christmas fair/market with him, they are lovely just to walk round and have fun smile

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