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Inspiration -- What have you bought so far and for who? ideas pls?

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twolittledarlings Tue 04-Oct-11 22:56:48

As the title reads ...

Shoulddohousework Tue 04-Oct-11 23:17:25

Am really behind this year but all my in-laws are off to florida until New Year so am leaving them til the last minute grin

Have done all of the kids though!
So far..
DS1 (5) Lego, Tomica car playsets (toyshop near us had it half price!) DS game (ebay)
DS2 (1) LP Noahs Ark, cookie monster,
DNephew (6) Cars2 diecast cars
DNephew (3) Clothes and train set
DNephew (1) ELC car sets
DNiece (13) Manicure set
DNiece (6) Princess DVDs (Disney 2 for £16 in Asda or BOGOF HMV etc!)
DNiece (7m) Fisher Price play purse (cant remember what it is called!)
Goddaughter (2) Peppa Pig TV
Godson (7m) Clothes
Got quite a few toys when argos did the 3 for 2 offer

DH wants tools - he gives me a list and I go to Machine mart!
DM - absolutely no clue so any ideas gratefully received!

Looks like quite a lot when it is written down - now I have to make sure that I remember who I have bought for so that I do not end up buying 2 presents for 1 person.

LordOfTheFlies Tue 04-Oct-11 23:35:46

I bought myself earrings from QVC (they were £22 reduced from £44) my present from DH to me.(Well one of my presents)

DD has 'discovered' Sylvanian Family toys -sigh- so she got some 3 for 2 in Argos
Lots of stocking gifts.They are more tricky- I don't want to spend loads but I don't want tat.
DS has got an X-Box game on pre-order. He's a nightmare to buy for but I'm taking him out tomorrow (half day due to school open day) so he can give me some clues. Otherwise I'll tell him I'm buying him tights.Ha!

mogs0 Wed 05-Oct-11 11:22:21

I keep thinking I'm really organised but actually i've mainly got things for ds - Lego, dart board, clothes and lots of stocking fillers.

My sisters, ds and I had professional photos taken last weekend with some of them on disc to print ourselves so the older family members will be receiving framed photos of us grin.

ToothlesstheDragon Wed 05-Oct-11 11:55:57

DS (3) Sylvanian families house and cow set, Mr potato head, green helicopter, hobby horse
DD (10 months at xmas) brio hedgehog, pop up farm thingy, books, clothes
DM - Pandora style bracelet and some lush goodies
DMIL - Same as DM
DF - Duke Nukem Xbox360 game
DFIL - Dominoes
Best Friend - Harry Potter Jewellery, HP car sticker and lush goodies

thats it so far

CherryMonster Wed 05-Oct-11 12:31:43

kiddizoom twist camera for dd2 (5)
tub of dinosaurs also for dd2, tangled dvd for the girls
tron dvd for the boys
hello kitty bead set for dd1 (nearly 7)
ben 10 stationary set for ds2 (10)
set of funky pens for ds1 (12) um, not a great dela else actually, have started late this year. have planned most of the kids presents, just not got them yet [skint emoticon]

LittleWhiteWolf Wed 05-Oct-11 15:31:07

Every year I make my mum a calendar of DD (mostly) using Photobox. Its always gladly received.
For my mum and best mate who are both avid gardeners I have bought this: garden gift
DD already has an assortment of books and things (she'll be 2 1/2 at Xmas)
Am a little stumped for other adult gifts so am scouring the 'net!

wfrances Wed 05-Oct-11 16:26:55

ds 12 -halo wars risk,halo wars mega blocks,dsi,xbox 360 games,astrology books and maps,sock monkey.
ds 7 -slamm scooter,build a bear smurf,diary of a wimpy kid boxet books/dvds
havnt started the older 2 but they want clothes.

Sariah Wed 05-Oct-11 16:31:23

I'm going all hampery for the older kids and Aunts and Mothers. I bought lovely baskets today in IKEA and ordered some wrap and bows of ebay. I am going to do the older girls and - girls night in hamper with jammies, dvd, socks, slippers, candle, facemask, hot choc, bubble bath, snacks etc.... am getting my aunt some foot cream/socks/yankee candle and going to pack them in a basket.

Havent started on the two little ones yet or anybody else.

twolittledarlings Wed 05-Oct-11 21:06:09

Thank you everyone, keep the ideas coming.

Moulesfrites Wed 05-Oct-11 21:12:35

Ok - progress so far but nowhere near done!

Parents, Pils and ds's godparents are all getting a bauble with ds's handprint on which we did at one of those ceramics places.

MIL - Book about old fashioned parlour games, accessories for jam making (nice labels, sticker etc)
Nieces aged 1 and 2 - raincoats from TK Maxx
SIL 1- French connection leopard print scarf from TK MaXx
SIL 2 - CK hat and scarf set from TK Maxx

DS (10m) nice outfit, books, possibly a megablocks table and musical cube thingy

feedthegoat Wed 05-Oct-11 21:20:19

Wow, I am doing woefully compared to you lot.

I have got ds the Toystory scalextric that is half price in toys r us. And a lego star wars mini figure hard back book which should have been £14.99 for £5.99 after reduction and £5 voucher offer.

I bought 2 silk scarves for my grandma from accessorize whilst they had there 70% off sale.

Can you tell I like a bargain!

CubiksRube Wed 05-Oct-11 21:31:02

DS (almost 8 months): mini ukelele (DP will restring this at some point, using better quality strings) - I know this is a ridiculous gift for a baby but he WILL end up playing it at some point so we may as well buy one now. Other presents ... baby walker/activity station. Stocking with bits and pieces (pushalong toys, castanets, buggy books, etc). A selection of books.

Aunt/Uncle: a lovely crystal vase I got at auction. They've just upsized houses so in need of bits and pieces.

I still have my mum, grandma, PIL and sister to go, plus close friends. And DP of course! Argh. I'm planning to do Christmas cookies for friends but have got nowhere with finding receptacles for them. That is November's job.

jester68 Thu 06-Oct-11 11:12:31

I have nearly completed my 2 children.

Eldest aged 5 will have: (already have)
Peppa pig rocket set
Peppa pig campervan set
Peppa pig fleece blanket
Playmobil wheelchair set (to go with hospital we brought 2 years ago)
Playmobil stroller set
Walking dog on lead
Play-doh icecream shoppe
Child's make up set
Large talking peppa pig
Playmobil beach compact set
Peppa pig art set
Art tub

Toddler will be 19 months old.
She will have (already got)
Peppa pig deluxe play house
Peppa pig coat
Ball poppin fun set
Peppa pig ball
Peppa pig books

So need to get get their pyjamas, outfits for xmas day etc. Plus eldest -chocolate lolly making set, dvd, some learning books.
Toddler -peppa pig fleece blanket, dvd.
Then both will be completed.

Have not payed full price for anything so far!

Niece aged 7- moxie girl doll set (down to 2.49 in tesco), plus make up set. Will just get her some chocolates.

Nephew aged 9- 6 transformers figures (down to 40p each in tesco), will get him some cars and some chocolates

Nephew aged 18 months- chunky digger toy 3.99, plus some mega blocks 1.50 (on sale in tesco) will also get him some chocolate

Still have nephew aged 3- cars/lorries, drawing stuff, chocolate

Niece aged 6- activity books, chocolate, dressing up jewellery

Nephew aged 7 months- either clothes or a small toy.

My mum -getting her a knitting bag with balls of wool plus a folder to keep all her knitting patterns in. Her partner a bottle of his favourite wine and maybe a wallet. Plus they will get some pictures of the girls.

Aunt and uncle- pictures of the girls, calender or notepaper set.

I have 3 brothers and 2 have partners. We have stopped buying gifts as such but they will get photo of the kids plus maybe some sweets.

Partner -probably xbox game, some chocolates etc. We usually spend around £100 on each other so whatever we want really!

Not sure about his side of family yet. Will talk to sil about what her 2 are into and go from there. Pictures of the kids will be given though!!!

tummytickler Thu 06-Oct-11 12:43:50

I have just bought this so when it arrives I can properly organise myself, but so far I have got

ds 1 (8 - 9 fours days before Christmas)
Deadly 60 book
Loads of vintage Star Wars figures
Charlie and Choc Factory and Great Glass Elevator Books

ds2 (4)
another bloody fire engine grin
egg cup and soldiers set from Hawkins Bazaar

dd1 (10) - nothing yet
dd1 (6) - nothing yet

cousins kids
age 2 - Richard Scarry book (will add a chocolate bar)
age 8 - Roman Mysteries book (will add chocolate)
age 6 - Orchard Toys Pop to the Shops

my Dad
started making a 100 page photo book on photobox, I have already paid for it, just have to put it together. He has been wanting one with family photos for ages!

Still got heaps to do, but as I said, I need my notebook first grin

onehellofaride Thu 06-Oct-11 13:01:01

I have bought this which I am really pleased with for DS. I have been checking every day for the last two weeks to see if it was in stock and it was finally in yesterday grin

curlycat Thu 06-Oct-11 17:22:19

tummyticker where did you get the vintage star wars figures - my ds is mad about anything star wars

tummytickler Thu 06-Oct-11 17:41:28

I found them on ebay. I had to watch loads and got outbid on loads until I got some for a reasonable price. I got 12 figures and the big slug thing for a total of £25, which was a bargain. I find they are much better made than the really modern ones. Dh had them all as a kid and gave them away shock

Tinkerisdead Thu 06-Oct-11 17:52:46

DD - playkitchen (groupon offer hope it turns up!)
DH - coffee making stuff, trainers, golf day and a remote control helicopter (groupon offer that took 7 weeks to turn up!)
DM- yoga course (keeps saying she wants to do it and never does so I've booked it)
Stepdad - no idea yet, maybe a wallet or personalised diary as always working

In laws various bits for hobbies. Others like SIL, family friends a vacuvin wine set with some bottles of wine as token gifts.

Cousins range from 7 to 21, they have ripleys believe it or not book, 20q game, E.L.F makeup sets.

From DD all the grandparents (4 sets) get a homemade card, a framed photo and a DVD of her best bits from the year. Its only about 12-15 mins long and I take all the sound off and put music over the top so its more like a montage of clips. Always makes everyone cry though prob cos I do slow mo bits and speeded up comedy bits. Need to start that soon as its the cheapest item at about 2 quid but takes the longest ever!!

tummytickler Thu 06-Oct-11 18:09:46

onehellofaride it's out of stock again already - well done for catching it!

onehellofaride Fri 07-Oct-11 10:08:20

tummytickler keep checking as I think they get more stock in quite regularly, mine arrived this morning!

TheOriginalNutcracker Sun 09-Oct-11 15:10:12

This isn't all for xmas, as all 3 dc have their birthdays in the 6 weeks before xmas day, so this is everything i have got so far, and i then split it into b'day and xmas.

Dd1(13/14) - Nothing so far

Dd2(11/12) - Mug with a dog on, Straightners, Mobile phone, socks

Ds(8/9) - Bike, DSi, Dr Who wii game, Dr Who board game, Marvel figure, Dr Who jigsaw, Star Wars pj's, Dr Who top trumps.

As you can see, i find it far easier to buy for ds, as he likes so many things. The girls are more picky, but other things they have mentioned are dvd box sets, books, make-up, flicker scooter, i-pig, . They change their minds alot though.

ASuitableGirl Sun 09-Oct-11 15:39:58

I have bought two tubes of sweets so far blushgrin

And it's DS's birthday at the end of November.

And I am working from mid November to mid January with the v intensive part from mid Dec to mid Jan. Think I need to get organised....

ragged Sun 09-Oct-11 15:41:57

Nothing, just trying to get lists of ideas organised for each person.

Oh, I tell a lie, I've ordered the sodding school fund-raiser cards. But that's only because I had to.
My gift recipients all change their minds a lot between now & end November, anyway. Would be lunacy to buy anything this early.

crystalglasses Sun 09-Oct-11 15:51:39

Niece and boyfriend - game called 'know your partner'. I might get the same for a few other people.

That's it so far.

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