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'potion' making kit?

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Ismeyes Sun 02-Oct-11 21:04:50

DD has mentioned that she would like a 'potion' making kit for Christmas, when she will be 5.5. I think this comes from me letting her make little mixtures from bubble bath/shampoo in the bath, which she calls 'potions'.

I have been looking at the girls kits for make your own perfume/bath bombs etc and they seem to be from 8 years up. If we did get her something like this, we would be supervising her when she used it, so I'm wondering whether these kits would be suitable with adult supervision? I'm open to any suggestions to other kits that might be good too.

Ilikepinkwine Sun 02-Oct-11 21:23:16

I think the perfume one is fine with adult supervision, DD had it when she was just 6. The bath bomb one looked a bit more serious (more hazard warnings and a need for goggles) so I would wait for that one. Or you could get some empty plastic bottles (travel packs from superdrug and a few samples of body wash etc., some confetti/flower petals and let her make her potions with them.

bunnyspoiler Sun 02-Oct-11 21:42:36

DD had the perfume one, you could do perfume, slime and pot crystals. It needs warm water and it's a little fiddly but DD loved it. The perfume was vile, Jo Malone it is not! You'll probably get 2 plays out of it before consigning to the bin.

CherryMonster Sun 02-Oct-11 21:49:25

i think hawkins bazaar is doing a little pack of test tubes full of coloured bubble mixture for mixing together and discovering all about mixing colours. then the kids can blow bubbles with them, i was going to do similar for my youngest dd who is also 5.5

Ismeyes Sun 02-Oct-11 21:52:29

OK, will avoid anything that needs googles eek! Perfume one sounds ok then, although she may insist on wearing the perfume and if it smells awful that could be a bad move. I hadn't thought of putting a little kit together for her with bottles, that could work and I like the idea of bubble test tubes.

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