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Office decorations

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gregssausageroll Fri 30-Sep-11 07:37:17

We need to get new stuff - fall out with our cleaner meant she took all of her tat home - no loss as the stuff was awful.

I need to be prepared should she come back with her box of tat come december.

So, I have a spare couple of sets of lights that I can use (estate agents so shop front). No room for a floor tree except a window ledge and I have got a little tree which will do.

What else could you suggest that I can do that will make the place look nice without shelling out a load of cash?

girlywhirly Fri 30-Sep-11 10:19:45

Can you hang things from the ceiling? Last year John Lewis had big paper snowflakes that you ncould hang, I think they concertina-folded up for storage. Or you could make some chunky paperchains from strips of wrapping paper taped together. This works well with metallic papers or very bright primary colours.

If there is room on each desk, you could have a small table type decoration, look in Wilkinsons or supermarkets for reasonable stuff.

Another thing you could do is hang baubles from the ceiling, chandelier style. Hang different sized plain baubles in groups at different heights using lengths of narrow ribbon or invisible nylon thread, or if the room is small do a larger, central one. Make sure there is enough head clearance for very tall people! Again, look at multi packs from the above. Poundland often have packs of cheap baubles, doesn't matter about the quality if they're above peoples' heads. If health and safety won't permit this in case they drop on customers heads, you could do a linear arrangement along a space on the wall.

gregssausageroll Fri 30-Sep-11 13:11:36

brilliant ideas. Thanks. Like the sound of the snowflakes!

girlywhirly Fri 30-Sep-11 15:51:36

I hope J.L will be doing them again this year! They are quite large though. J.L. are usually quick off the mark getting their Christmas decs out, maybe in a fortnight you'll be able to see.

Forgot to mention Ikea, they do very minimalist lit wreaths, basically lights on a frame, might also be good for your window.

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