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How much are you spending on your under 3s for Christmas?

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RitaMorgan Thu 29-Sep-11 16:10:29

Just as the title says really - last year ds was a baby and we didn't buy him anything. This year there are a few big-ish things I was thinking of, but wondered what a normal budget for a toddler is?

notso Thu 29-Sep-11 16:20:25

I tend not to have a set limit for little ones, I just buy a few bits I want them to have.
DS2 turns one two weeks before Christmas, he is getting age appropriate toys for his birthday and then some Happyland and a few things to grow into for Christmas.
I suppose we will be spending about £70 max including the usual new PJ's, outfit, book, etc.
I don't really buy any toys other than birthday or Christmas though.

The main thing to remember is spend what you can comfortably afford. When they are small you can get away with spending very little, with our first child DD we spent hardly anything on toys but we splashed out on doing things instead.

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