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oh no oh no oh no... what am i going to do????

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thisisyesterday Mon 26-Sep-11 20:48:24

over the summer holidays we popped into tk maxx a few times.

ds1 of course picked out several things that he really, really, really neeeeeeeeeded.
i told him "christmas!"

only now, of course, they don't have them any longer. I could just cry.
i couldn't get them at the time without him seeing, and of course it's all bloody discontinued stuff isn't it, so i can't get it anywhere.


he is going to be so disappointed when he doesn't get his bloody pokemon projector.
damn me

deemented Mon 26-Sep-11 20:51:41

Ebay? Amazon? Keep looking round car booters and jumble sales and in charity shops?

pchick Mon 26-Sep-11 20:51:43

Look on eBay? Also, will he remember what he alec for six months earlier?

thisisyesterday Mon 26-Sep-11 20:56:45

nothing on ebay or amazon sad

he has ASD and will definitely, definitely remember exactly what he asked for.

argh, i should have known this would happen. the bloody things were there the whole of the summer holidays. i go back in september and gone.

kicking myself now.

will save some searches on ebay tho so i can grab any if they come up

Honeydragon Mon 26-Sep-11 20:58:41

post what they are on here then if they are spotted we can let you know.

SkipToTheEnd Mon 26-Sep-11 20:59:01

Maybe you could ring around a few of the nearest stores to see if they have them?

thisisyesterday Mon 26-Sep-11 21:10:38

he wanted a pokemon projector. it was a biggish thing, red and white, with round cards that had pictures on and it would project them onto the wall

a megabloks king arthur big plastic ball thing that had a dragon in it (has to be q silver or gold dragon)

something called monster rock hmm i actually can't even remember what that is... i will have to ask him

a giant beetle, i think that was a big toy beetle that could move around

the monster rock and the giant beetle he probably won't be so worried about, it's the projector and the dragon that he most wanted

deemented Mon 26-Sep-11 21:19:45

Is this the pokemon projector?

lisad123 Mon 26-Sep-11 21:19:57

Glitterandglue Mon 26-Sep-11 21:30:16

Are those the gold and silver dragon things, respectively?

thisisyesterday Mon 26-Sep-11 21:34:53

omg yes! those are the dragons! i looked on ebay too blush
am now even more angry at ymself cos they were flogging them for £4.99 in tk maxx

<kicks self hard>

i think the projector was differnet though. although that one might do if i could get it from somewhere.. hmmm

lisad123 Mon 26-Sep-11 21:37:15

Think projector might be keyring type. Will keep eye at local tkmaxx

Honeydragon Mon 26-Sep-11 21:39:45

Glitter you beat me to the dragons smile

thisisyesterday Mon 26-Sep-11 21:41:17

thanks lisa

might take a trip up to lakeside, there is a massive tk maxx up there

AmaraDresden Mon 26-Sep-11 21:41:48

I'll keep a lookout too. I hope you manage to get them - it'll be all that more satisfying to see him so happy if you do smile

AmaraDresden Mon 26-Sep-11 21:41:49

I'll keep a lookout too. I hope you manage to get them - it'll be all that more satisfying to see him so happy if you do smile

Honeydragon Mon 26-Sep-11 21:43:10

I've noted them gown, I am going to town at the w/e so if they have them I could post them to you, if all else fails.

thisisyesterday Mon 26-Sep-11 21:46:31

thank you all, it's really appreciated smile

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