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Help me plan my Christmas that could potentially be miserable for me and dh.

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waitingtobeamummy Mon 26-Sep-11 16:27:36

Hi all,
Currently waiting to see a specialist because of infertility/gynaecological issues and so I know this xmas is not going to involve pregnancy. I love Christmas but last year (and the year before) we did the "this time next year we'll have a baby/bump".

I know its going to be a bit shit so I really want to make it a lovely "grown up" Christmas for me and dh-to show us that we have a lovely time together and to treat ourselves after a pretty shitty 12months. We cant go away which I would love to do but other than that we have no other limits-oh and I dont want to go out for xmas dinner as I would find that so depressing.
Please share your tips on a good grown-up only christmas, of if you are lucky enough to have children just pity me and help to make it un-shit grin

Ragwort Mon 26-Sep-11 16:31:02

Probably not the answer you are looking for but the best Christmasses I have had have been helping provide meals etc for the homeless/elderly/lonely. Your local Churches will have ideas and most big cities have 'drop in' centres open over Christmas. It helps put your own issues into perspective (not wanting to be insensitive to you op).

Otherwise just lots of champagne and delicious food sounds good grin.

Ismeyes Mon 26-Sep-11 18:08:11

When DH and I used to do 'just us' Christmases, then we would have to have bucks fizz and a lovely breakfast in bed to start off, then have presents, which DH would usually put my presents in a really big gift bag and fill it with tissue paper, which made it fun hunting around for the gifts, he would put some really teeny things in there too. I've always done him a stocking. We would then have lots of Christmas films to watch together and make a proper Christmas dinner and shit loads of wine to get merry on. In your position and funds allowing, I would probably splash out on something really nice for both of you which could arrive just in time for Christmas.

You can have a really good Christmas together, but you may well feel sad at times. Having a little cry will not ruin your Christmas. I wish you all the luck in the world in having a baby.

Tinkerisdead Mon 26-Sep-11 18:21:23

Before DC's we had some very nice christmases. We got married one of them through so thats cheating a little bit.

I'd have a lovely leisurely breakfast with champagne or bucks fizz as a treat with stocking opening. (in fact i prefer the stocking my husband makes me as its way more inventive than his present buying).

Then later a lovely walk in the crisp cold park or similar wrapped up warm. Come home to hot chocolate or mulled wine with present opening.

If you're okay in the kitchen, I'd make a really lovely dinner, make as much as you can in advance but by really going to town on the meal would be very special. I'm thinking a dinner rather than lunch, candlelit and classy.

I'm not particularly religious but we had some fantastic times at the carol service in the local cathedral on xmas eve or maybe a week before. We used to choose an evening service with some friends and then to the pub etc for festive drink. Very christmassy in a grown up way!

After dinner/evening get a whacking great cheese board and sit watching all the crap christmas TV gorging on lovely gooey cheeses. Have it all set out, cold meats cheese, crackers grapes and dont move.

Thats my ideal christmas. Wishing you a happier new year in your quest for a baby.

PastGrace Tue 27-Sep-11 18:01:52

Do each other a stocking. Champagne and stockings in bed in the morning, then maybe a nice Christmassy bath? I'm sure Lush will do glittery nightmares Christmas related things, or some really nice bath stuff. Then a lazy lunch and presents, a nice walk and snuggle up together with leftovers. And lots of chocolate.

Actually, on the other threads there is lots of talk about a Christmas hamper for Christmas eve - could you do a grown up one? Nice lingerie/bottle of wine/nice bath stuff/pjs/slippers. Is there a TV box set you would like? Get that, and then if all the happy clappy Christmas stuff is getting a bit much you could snuggle up and work your way through hours of a favourite show.

This might be a bit over stepping the mark, so sorry if it is, but it might also be nice to buy yourselves a "special" decoration to go on the tree. This Christmas will be sad, and it will be hard for you, but hopefully in the near future you will have a happy Christmas, and then each Christmas when you bring out this decoration it will make you extra glad. Sorry if that sounds a bit tactless, I don't have any experience but I think I would like that if I were in your situation.

waitingtobeamummy Tue 27-Sep-11 23:13:09

Hi Everyone and thank you for your ideas. Starting to feel xmassy just thinking about it!Hoping we will be going to my mom and dads for xmas tea so I think the plan of lazy morning with niceties, lots of alcohol and big dinner with nice stuff to do in the afternoon and then walk to mom and dads. Really like the idea of xmas eve hamper- always go to midnight mass but I just dont know if I can do it this year- to much baby ness etc, but will see closer to the time-if I do I think maybe the hamper for boxing day.
Got some extra money on run up to xmas so will try and save up for a new tv.
Ragwort thank you for your idea- I work in a charity so feel like xmas would have to be free of that kind of thing-but I think donating time/something on the run up would put things into perspective.
Postgrace thank you for the decoration idea-its lovely, its just difficult to think there will be atime when its sorted.
Thank you all again-you have made my day.

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