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Shoppin Early(ish) for Christmas

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Isla77 Mon 26-Sep-11 13:03:41

Last year we had a dreadful Christmas as the family was split up due to my m-in-law being very seriously ill. She eventually recovered but is a very different person needing constant care and still having episodes of severe ill health. So I am starting shopping now and want to get it finished in the next two weeks so no panic if everything goes t*ts up in December. Want to get my husband an MP3 player but fairly clueless about them so reccomendations please. Although I wouldn't say "money no object / spend, spend, spend" I am prepared to spend quite a bit of money as he has had a difficult year and has still remained his amazing, calm, cheerful and super self.

ToothlesstheDragon Mon 26-Sep-11 13:16:49

here this looks like quite a good gadget lovers mp3 player. Comes in at £70. Can vouch for the brand as I had a creative zen and absolutely loved it (only got rid of it as i had lost the charger) If you look on amazon, they have lots of good quality mp3 players in every price range but this looked like a pretty good one.

It's lovely you want to spoil your DH. Sounds like a hellish year for him. Hope you have a lovely christmas

twolittledarlings Mon 26-Sep-11 13:21:53

I got my husband a Creative Zen MP3 player about 3 years ago for Xmas. Read up a lot of reviews on Amazon as I know nothing about them and spent about £150 for it plus also got him a nice cover, adapter and headphones.

Have no regrets. He uses it all the time on the tube to work and back and likes it a lot.

Isla77 Mon 26-Sep-11 15:14:48

Thank you ToothlesstheDragon and twolittle darlings. I will have a look on Amazon. He will love it and I can download music for him in advance. Have started downloading onto my computer already. Just need to think of a few more things - cheapish ones! - and then that will be one person done. Goodness knows what though. I can usually find a book he will like but other than that I am stumped.

spottymoo Mon 26-Sep-11 16:25:05

Ipod all the way have tried several other makes and always gone back to the ipod.

for my dh i have things like books, choclate , mens toiletries, flame proof lighter, slippers, ps3 games.

Isla77 Mon 26-Sep-11 19:43:27

Thanks for your help spottymoo. Will look at the ipod as well as the creative Zen.

Isla77 Fri 07-Oct-11 12:06:10

Got ipod for hubby and creative zen for DS as it was cheaper and I am getting him some DVD's as well. Thanks for all your help.

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