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Making calendars (painted) for friends, anyone else doing this or something similar?

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Curiousmama Sun 25-Sep-11 16:11:57

I'm at a loss at what to buy for 2 of my friends, they're older and have everything already. They like my paintings as have given them some as gifts before and they're on display in their homes so I know they weren't just being polite wink. So, I thought I'll do them a calendar each for their Christmas present. Both are Christians so am thinking Bethlehem scene? Basic one though s am only an amateur. I've done a 'trial' of one in watercolour. I'll probably end up doing them in acrylics though as that's my medium of choice.
Am wondering where to buy the little calendars to put on the bottom? Maybe WHSmiths?

BabyDubsEverywhere Sun 25-Sep-11 16:33:00

I'm not sure but get yourself over to the homemade thread here

Im sure someone on there will be doing something simelar, or at least know where to get the calendar parts smile

Curiousmama Sun 25-Sep-11 20:35:57

Thanks I did have a look at that.

Curiousmama Sun 25-Sep-11 20:49:08

found some calendar tabs on ebay 10 for a £1 smile

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