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recommendation for a piano, 4yo DS

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tostaky Sun 25-Sep-11 09:42:22

DS really like 'playing the piano on my ipad and we though that would be a nice xmas gift. i was thinking of an electronic keyboard as i would think theyd be cheaper and smaller, but im worried that he wont get the real feel of a piano or that it wont sound like a real piano.

what would be the best option a real piano (small and not to expensive?) or a keyboard?

any recommendations are welcome xx

IsItMeOr Sun 25-Sep-11 15:09:19

DS is a fair bit younger at 2.7yo, but he is getting this for Christmas as he plays every piano he meets.

You can get proper small pianos, but not sure how good they are, and they seem pretty expensive.

My parents have a piano which has had plenty of attention from their 8 grandchildren, and seems none the worse for it, so if you had the space, maybe try to pick up a real piano second hand?

twolittledarlings Sun 25-Sep-11 15:32:19

When my daughter was 4, we wanted her to learn the piano. Our piano teacher (a keyboard player and singer) who taught our neighbour's son recommended the Yamaha P-70 which has a proper 88 key (like the piano) and also was touch sensitive with that kind of bounce feeling (like the piano too).

I shopped around and got the best deal from Rock around the Clock,Crouch End. I also purchased the proper stand and stool (Quik-LOK). I think in all, it came to around £400-£450.

I did not want to get a proper piano as we did not have enough room and also if she was to give up, the piano would be useless to us all.
I would definately recommend this one or a very similar version.
Thankfully, my daughter enjoys the piano and is now doing her Grade 3 whilst the younger one is doing Grade 1 shortly.

I have promised her a proper piano once she gets to Grade 5 when I am convinced that she is serious about learning and the fact that we have moved and have plenty of room to put one up.

tostaky Sun 25-Sep-11 18:51:51

thanks to both of you!! i will be looking up your recommendations

Fizzylemonade Sun 25-Sep-11 19:20:38

Personally I would start with a keyboard, but full sized keys. That way they can plug headphones in and you don't have to suffer listen to their tunes.

My sons are 8 and 5, I have an electric piano (about £600 worth) as I play but I constantly have to tell DS2 to be gentle with it. It is touch sensitive so like a real piano but you can also adjust the volume.

Mine is only 30cm deep! It is a casio and I can't tell you more than that as it is in DS1' bedroom and he is asleep grin

Best thing about keyboards is they are much cheaper than pianos and if they show real talent or persevere then you can upgrade at a later date.

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