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Are you brave enough?

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LordOfTheFlies Sat 24-Sep-11 15:24:00

Last year with all the snow havoc and carry on, alot of the supermarkets were desperately selling on Christmas food before it was post date (ie past 25th rather than Use Before Date)
Are you brave enough to leave your shopping til Christmas Eve and take a chance?Is the promise of cut-price enough?

TBH, pootering round the shops is not where I want to be on Christmas Eve.
Though I did do a 6-30am Sainsbo shop for last minute veg and dairy stuff when my parents were looking after my toddler and baby;and DH wanted an early morning escape from the in laws trip to the gym grin

FagAshLill Sat 24-Sep-11 15:33:18

No. I'm a single parent and taking the kids with me for a shopping trip from hell does not appeal to me in the slightest. They are getting on my nerves as it is today and we are not going anywhere!

insanityscratching Sat 24-Sep-11 17:25:31

Dd usually works in M&S over Christmas so can pick up a turkey for £3 but I haven't yet been brave enough not to order one beforehand. I won't though buy Christmas cake as she got one for £2.50 last Christmas Eve.

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