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Phoenix cards- any good?

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Whenisitmysleepytime Fri 23-Sep-11 15:42:44

yoddler group is having phoenix cards sale next week. Is it worth taking my cash or is it over priced or rubbish?

Would love to get organised early rather than people receiving their cards in January! blush

PigeonPie Fri 23-Sep-11 15:46:00

I love Phoenix Cards for birthdays etc and usually stock up when I see a stall. I haven't bought any af their Christmas range as we make our own.

Curiousmama Fri 23-Sep-11 15:46:57

I think they're nice. I even had them at a ladies night I hosted once and they went down well. Depends on your budget?

louiespence Fri 23-Sep-11 15:50:16

I think they are nice too, have bought a lot of the birthday cards over the years as they are a good price.

Flatstomachenomore Fri 23-Sep-11 18:00:24

They're lovely and great quality. The Christmas cards are charity oner too.

LemonDifficult Fri 23-Sep-11 18:17:27

I bought some phoenix stuff this morning. I think they are good quality and well priced.

I also like buying from the sellers as they always seem nice and are generally just mums trying to make a bit of money on the side.

mogs0 Fri 23-Sep-11 19:22:31

I love Phoenix cards and used to be a trader. However, as lovely as the Christmas cards are, I find them a bit too expensive for my budget.

Also, it's quite a small percentage that goes to charity - I'm not sure what the norm is though.

Their Christmas paper, on the other hand, is fabulous and well worth the price - I love it!

As an ex-trader, who has a weakness for greetings card, paper, tags etc, I have loads of stock left over despite not trading for nearly 4years blush.

EdithWeston Fri 23-Sep-11 19:24:56

I've got a couple of friends who sell this. I think some of it's overpriced, but it has a lot of good stuff too and usually end up buying.

I like the children's writing paper - anything that helps get thank you letters done!

bigTillyMint Fri 23-Sep-11 19:25:58

I like them. Plus I can just order them without having to go to a shop smile

CointreauVersial Fri 23-Sep-11 22:56:33

They are lovely quality; the birthday cards are possibly the best deal especially if you buy 10+. The Christmas Giftwrap is gorgeous.

I was a Trader for years, but still have a soft spot for Phoenix.

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