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Recommendations for Best How-To Books For Christmas?

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LemonDifficult Thu 22-Sep-11 19:21:10

Does anyone have a seasonal cook book/projects book they can recommend? I fancy getting one out from the library to get me in the mood.

Christmas with Gordon is really terrible, btw.

countydurhamlass Thu 22-Sep-11 19:49:08

i just got a book from our "Book Man" at work, its called the complete book of christmas by Carolyn Bell and produced by Hermes House. i bought it because it was only £4. it has recipes in for xmas day meal, other festive menus, preserves and cutney's, biscuits and cakes and edible xmas gifts, also has ideas for decorations and how to make them and even some for the kids. it also has a small section suggesting party games. it has 500 pages of ideas !

mummymccar Thu 22-Sep-11 21:57:41

I'm really loving 'Best of Christmas Ideas' by Better homes & gardens. Lots of decorating ideas, homemade gifts and yummy treats. I got it from my library - I presume it is out of print now for bookshops but try anyway!

Treats Fri 23-Sep-11 14:21:21

I have borrowed from the library:

The Christmas Book by Sheherazade Goldsmith (I have no idea if I've spelt that right) - heavy emphasis on doing Christmas the eco way, but stuffed full of craft ideas and recipes. I have started making the Santa's Sack Advent Calendar and have been inspired to think of my own ideas for cards and decorations as a result. Definitely recommend this.

Christmas Food and Flowers by Sarah Raven - what it says on the tin. I'm no gardener normally but was encouraged to buy a bag of crocus bulbs to stick in the fridge as a result of this book. And the recipes are great. No crafts projects and more focussed on grown up gatherings than the Goldsmith.

I have also dug out my Delia Smith Merry Christmas book for the definitive recipe collection. I actually prefer the magazine-y style version she did for WH Smith a few years ago, but don't think this is available now.

Another option is the Martha Stewart website - or look out for the December edition of Martha Stewart Living magazine nearer the time. She does a good combination of crafts and recipes - although it's a bit American. She's published several books, so there might be one about Christmas.

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