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Pokemon - need guidance on what to get ds for Xmas

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Lindax Wed 21-Sep-11 20:59:45

probably one for your dc's to answer for me grin

ds (7) is very into Pokemon now and it will be featuring big in his Xmas list, I'll be getting him the newest Pokemon Black and White game but what else could I buy him?

some things I've seen (wont be getting it all as it all seems v expensive for what they are!) are-

- Black and White Official Pokemon Strategy Guide (Book)
- Pokemon Trainer Kit Black and White (set of 2x30 cards)
- Ultimate Cheats for Pokemon (for DSi)
- Pokemon Black and White tin (tin to store cards in - seems v expensive for a tin!)
- Pokemon figures
- Lots of things to do with card/albums etc I dont understand confused

what do your dc's like best?

LordOfTheFlies Wed 21-Sep-11 21:08:05

I feeeeeel your pain.
My DS is nearly 12 and has just emerged from the Pokemon phase.

One of his favourite buys was the Pokemon book (I think he got his from HMV) and it lists all the Pokemon, what they 'evolve' into and all the strengths and special features.

He used to buy the cards in pack of 5

Game for Nintendo DS but can't remember if it was Black or White

He loved the models ( I think we got them from Tesco)

Just keep repeating to yourself :"It's only a phase.He'll grow out of it"

Mine did. Into X-Box hmm

Lindax Wed 21-Sep-11 21:58:08

he's talked about an x-box, but that's definitely not happening (this year anyway!).

he's only just started with pokemon over the last few weeks so only has a couple of the older ds games, no cards/books/figures yet.

just ordered the pokedex (book with all the pokemon in it) and the trainers kit (2 x 30 cards which seems to teach you how to play the game with the cards)

well, I now know what I'll be doing Xmas day - should be an expert trainer by boxing day (note - need to buy extra wine)

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