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Walkie Talkies- which ones do you have, what is good/bad about them?

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CaptainNancy Mon 19-Sep-11 15:51:04

We want to buy walkie talkies for our 2 children this christmas, but have heard not so great things about some brands. Does anyone have good walkie talkies at all?

We want the type with 400m range or whatever- 30m is not much use, but my youngest is only 2 (3 after christmas) and while he is quite dextrous, he is quite heavy handed, so the type for grown ups won't do...

Any ideas welcome please!

ihearttc Mon 19-Sep-11 21:36:49

We got DS the science museum ones for his birthday (they were from Argos) and they've been fantastic-really really clear and they have quite a good range on them (can't remember what exactly but DS can go round the block and can still use them).

He's 6 so obviously not as young as your DS but managed to drop one down the stairs and it's survived so pretty robust.

Have to say I wasn't expecting them to be any good but have been pleasantly surprised.

CaptainNancy Mon 19-Sep-11 23:05:28

Thanks iheart! smile

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