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xmas for daughter she will be 17 months

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lilyj2010 Mon 19-Sep-11 14:42:02

struggling with ideas for her. currently got her a minnie mouse clubhouse that sings, a small kitchen (offer in argos £13.99), a little basket with food (think £3 asda), mrs potato head silly suitcase, megabloks (mothercare £15 for big tub), crayola color wonders and pipsqueaks set. a minnie mouse bag, a number puzzle, some books and a little lantern thing. Really struggling now with ideas. Have planned to get her happyland stuff but i dont no what else. My mum is getting her the dancestar mickey. we got her sand pit and slide, leapfrog laptop, bounce and spin zebra amongst other things for her birthday. I need ideas for her main present plz. thanks

GwennieF Mon 19-Sep-11 14:43:54

Is that not enough? She's one, she won't even know that its Christmas!

Iggly Mon 19-Sep-11 14:44:01


That's plenty!! She's little, she won't understand Xmas and would probably be happy with a cardboard box wink

I speak as the mother of a nearly 2 year old, guilty of buying far too much for DS.

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