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Starting to think about Christmas. Need presents that won't still be unopened this time next year.

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HarrietJones Wed 14-Sep-11 20:10:27

dd1(12)- likes Twilight & reading

Dd2(10)- like mallory towers, things in my pocket & Dr Who

Dd3(will be 14 months) likes animals & eating.

Got dd2 a puffin post membership last year so will renew. Thinking of pass for local farm for dd3(&dh)

And now I'm stuck!

unfitmummy Thu 15-Sep-11 11:20:17

for DD1 and 2 - have a look at the book people and see if there are any box sets she would like
dd3 - my son has a box full of animals which he plays with frequently. they are a combination of cheap pound shop ones (which i put in his stocking) and expensive sheif ones that relatives bought him when i asked for animals for his christmas. he also loves his ELC carry case of dinosaurs - they do other animals in this range too which is well worth it.

if you think your dh would use it then a farm pass is a great idea too. my in-laws give me an annual pass to something like that every year as my present - so much better than socks and scarf!

HarrietJones Thu 15-Sep-11 12:17:35

Dh likes to be out & about with dd3 on his SAH days where as I do toddler group things, so it would be cheaper. There's also a soft play for winter days.

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