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Christmas Preparations already

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Machin11 Sat 10-Sep-11 19:12:57

So as I love Christmas, and know that we're very nearly into double digit countdown, so I'm curious has anyone else even started thinking about it yet (as in buying presents or thinking about what to get).
So far I have some concert tickets (which we get for MIL and FIL and SIL and all have an evening out in Dec) and started on some very small things.
I've got a Christmas Jar thats nearly full (can't wait to smash it), nearly £200 in tesco points and savings stamps and £70 in nectar points.
Anyone else get as excited sad as me?

25goingon95 Sat 10-Sep-11 19:50:26

Im all excited too!!! smile

Ive started a list of what im going to get people. I posted a thread to get ideas of what to have for tea on christmas eve as we fancy a change this year. I picked up a bubble machine each for my DDs a few weeks ago, just getting bits and bobs as i go shopping each week.

Got all my wrapping paper cards gift bags decs and tags last year in the sales so thats that done.

Can't wait til pay day end of october as that is when i will do my gift and some xmassy food shopping smile <excited>

Tinkerisdead Sat 10-Sep-11 19:57:29

Check out the other threads on the christmas thread, loads of us are midway through our christmas shopping, planning our adventcalenders and choosing wrapping themes. You're in good company on this board.

Im doubly excited as i got an email yesterday to say the new stock for my christmas village is in. I think the village needs a pub and some yuletide piss heads.

ravenc Sat 10-Sep-11 20:00:30

lol im sad as i love xmas i have nearly finished shopping for one of my dd and have started on my second, my mil does me a huge hamper every year so never worry about my food, have just got some wrapping paper to start wrapping. I have my fil pressie got em back in jan sales, also every year we add some thing else to our xmas collection hah looks like blackpool illumiations between my house and parents house and this year my sis won 10 ft inflatable santa carnt wait to get it up lol.

gigglepin Sat 10-Sep-11 20:14:22

I actually fecking well hate Christmas because its so stressful.
But so far i have:
£100 in Tesco club card points
my 50p & £2 coin collection has £120 in it
I have signed up with paypal and cashed in my on line survey points which equate to £55

Ive got a big bag full of sale stuff ive been buying so think ive got a wee bit put aside.

I have 17 kids to buy for plus my ds. parents, pil, other family memebrs as well.

doing ok, but still stressed just thinking about it.

Got to find out if i have to work Christmas day yet as well. That makes me want to cry to think i wont be able to see my little boy on Christmas day sad

LordOfTheFlies Sat 10-Sep-11 22:03:02

Yay, I'm secretly sneaking things into the house and ogling the Lakeland Limited website.

I've bought a couple of little keyring torches for DS stocking and PJ & fleecy dressing gown for DS (not Christmas pattern though)

My Christmas cakes are cooked, drowned in Amaretto and wrapped.
I've got £85+ on Nectar card and a £2 jar (about £100)

Now that I've got the DCs to school, next on the list is DH birthday/Hallowe'en, Guy Fawkes/DS birthday . Christmas starts in earnest after DS day.grin

Going to get baubles from Costco (lovely glass ones)

And Westfields Sratford City (I didn't even know Stratford was a city) opens on the 13th. Trip with DH planned for a recce.

Machin11 Sat 10-Sep-11 22:38:14

I'll have a look at the other threads doctorswife smile
I love it, I love dark nights and cold but then seeing all twinkly lights up everywhere. Magic. Xmas present buying in earnest from end of this month. I can't wait. grin

Tinkerisdead Sun 11-Sep-11 08:19:59

Me too i adore christmas and i start early so that i can truly enjoy it. Last year we were skint so i thought hampers were the way to go. I spent dec making five hampers and hated it. Stuck making food for everyone else!

This year im carefully shopping for presents and i'll free up my time to cook lovely stuff for my own christmas day. Dh told me yesterday that he's applied for a job in australia, i told him im not cominh as christmas will be crap in the sun! My christmas village would look terrible!

I even got married at xmas as i just love the cosiness of it. I want to dickensian and live in scrooge the musical. Im truly mad on ye olde worlde christmas. This year we're renting an old house so i want some victorian baubles/decorations for my tree.

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