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xmas pressie ideas for 1 yr old boy?

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madmomma Fri 09-Sep-11 21:18:11

My son has his first birthday coming up, and then xmas 6 weeks later. I am completely stumped. He is my first boy, and completely different to my daughter, who is 13 so I can't remember her at this age anyway. Any ideas gratefully appreciated.

Paschaelina Fri 09-Sep-11 21:20:23

Boy is 1 on sunday, we've gone with a smart-trike. He's getting a big wooden handmade toybox for christmas - up to all the rellies to fill it grin

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 09-Sep-11 21:20:28

Cardboard boxes and wrapping paper?

Seriously. He's one year old. He will not know any different.

orienteerer Fri 09-Sep-11 21:21:24

Another vote for wrapped up cardboard boxesgrin.

allday Fri 09-Sep-11 21:22:38


Sirzy Fri 09-Sep-11 21:23:09

Smart trike is good.

DS is a November baby and last year for his first birthday and christmas I tried to think ahead to what he would want in the next 12 months rather than everything for there and then IYSWIM so some of what he got is only really being used now.

thisisyesterday Fri 09-Sep-11 21:24:16

toybox is a good idea if you don't have one already.
a nice blanket that he can have in his cot and then on his bed? personalised maybe?
ride on toy? ds1 got this for his first birthday and it has been loved to bits by all 3 of mine!
or you could just stick with a token toy and some money in his bank account?

grumplestilskin Fri 09-Sep-11 21:26:01

scuttlebug, most used toy ever! really! on it daily for a year, and it's only £20. fits under the buggy for when they get tired

Paschaelina Fri 09-Sep-11 21:26:13

Oh yeah we also going with the leftover cardboard box from the bike which was put together a few days ago - putting a helium balloon inside with some streamers etc for him to open.

madmomma Fri 09-Sep-11 21:28:30

smart trike is a brilliant idea; I saw one for the first time the other day actually, and it looked like loads of fun. I take the point about him not caring -I just want to buy for the year ahead - so it doesn't matter if he doesn't play with it straight away. The blanket is a lovely idea too. Someone on a different thread mentioned happyland - any experiences of it for a 1 yr old?

madmomma Fri 09-Sep-11 21:29:41

ooh yes scuttlebug - they're brill aren't they

CherryMonster Fri 09-Sep-11 23:21:23

massive cardboard box filled with balloons- did this for dd1 and she had a whale of a time. failing that, a ball pit and play balls.

chanie44 Sun 18-Sep-11 17:48:34

I picked up a scuttlebug in Costco's two weeks ago for DS for Xmas (he'll be 18 months). I'd never heard of them before, so I'm glad that you've all been postive about them.

nokissymum Sun 18-Sep-11 17:54:25

Drum set, argos do some nice ones for small children, bought one for dn 2 years ago. He had a good bash grin

Parents didnt speak to me for a while though grin

GingerLa Sun 18-Sep-11 17:59:41

My son turned 1 2 weeks after xmas last year and I found present buying hard... most things e got he didnt play with!! He had enjoyed his cars the most, ones from ELC that u pull back and they go by themselves, things for messy play, paints, apron, crayons etc and a cardboard pop up house that can be folded down and drawn on etc... for bday we got him things for his room and are doing the same this yr (a bit peppa pig mural) Good luck!

oreocrumbs Sun 18-Sep-11 18:05:18

I got DD happyland for her 1st birthday last month and plays with them all the time. Mainly the little figures rather than playing with them in the set so for xmas i'm getting her some more people and the smaller sets e.g the camping set and horse and trailer. Watch for the sales though they often put them on 2 for 1 so your money goes alot further. Going on when they usually reduce them I'd say keep an eye out around half term!

IsItMeOr Sun 18-Sep-11 19:07:25

We got DS a smart-trike at the Christmas just before he turned 1. He was very apprehensive of it at first, and tbh, it's quite heavy and not that easy to steer when you're pushing them. It also hasn't survived being stored outside (the bitter winters obviously won't have helped), so it is now totally wrecked less than 2 years later and almost never used.

On the other hand, the small child who had a scuttlebug in the park the other week was mobbed with other children of all ages who wanted a turn. It's lightweight and smaller to store so could be thrown in a cupboard indoors. I know which I'd go for if I had my time again.

tassisssss Sun 18-Sep-11 19:09:31

scuttlebug, wheelybug, duplo, happyland/fisherprice little people, mini trampoline, trike with handle.

Our ds liked vehicles a lot - Bob ones, fireman Sam, emergency vehicles.

I like this a lot too

BabyDubsEverywhere Sun 18-Sep-11 19:28:37

Best thing we bought our DS for his second Christmas (when he would have been 15 ish months was a massive tub of megabloks and a a decent garage, you know the ones where you can start the car at the top at it wizzes down four levels of a multi story car park, had a lift to getthe car back up, all manual. Was a bit advanced for him to play 'properly' with it at the ime, but he has played with it every day since he had it in one way or another and its still going strong now and hes four! great value smile

madmomma Sun 18-Sep-11 21:29:39

brilliant ideas thanks everyone!

ENormaSnob Mon 19-Sep-11 11:44:07

Ds2 is nearly 2 and got a scuttle bug last year.

He loves it and it has been played with every day.

gillybean2 Mon 19-Sep-11 13:39:40

bob the builder phone I still have ds's but he doesn't play with it any more (he is 12 now grin )

It has different games on it, from press the button it says to follow the pattern, so will grow with him.

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