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need ideas - 12 days of christmas for dh

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ToothlesstheDragon Fri 09-Sep-11 11:14:43

One night i told DH that I was going to give him a special treat/surprise for the 12 days of christmas. I think i'd had a couple of glasses of wine. Anyway he's really excited about this and keeps telling me that he's really looking forward to this/going to be his best christmas ever. He's not a big christmas person really so this is quite big.

My problem.. what the hell do i do? Its not all bedroom related stuff, one day was going to be making up a movie night box, another day ill bake him something nice, but for the rest i'm stumped. I kind of regret saying i'll do this, but bless 'im he's so happy. Please MNetters, help me make my DH's christmas

(is not related to the song 12 days of christmas, just doing 1 nice thing for him per day for 12 days)

VAJAZZLEMYFOOF Fri 09-Sep-11 11:22:02

Cook him his favourite meal and get him some beer.
Let him rest and you will be his slave for the day.
Take the kids out and give him a day of peace to do whatever he likes.
treat him to a threesome.

knittedbreast Fri 09-Sep-11 12:01:44

buy him a book,
cook him his fav meal,
pre record his fav tv shows (and let him watch them in peace)
go to his local and pay the bar man so his drinks are paid for as a surprise one night
give him a massage
share a bath
when he wakes up one day give him the paper, a t bag and whatever he starts his day with
breakfast in bed

in struggeling now

chirpchirp Fri 09-Sep-11 18:59:27

I love knitted's idea about pre-paying the bar man - brilliant!

What a lovely wife you are.

You could make up a wee book of "bedroom" vouchers to be used at his discreation.

I know my DH loves to be reminded of being a kid at Christmas so I always buy him a bit of lego/airfix. I also another thing my DH would love is a six pack and access to the PS3 for the entire night, don't know if that would interest yours.

What are his hobbies/interests?

mandoo Fri 09-Sep-11 19:07:24

I know you said not all bedroom related but my DP would be impressed with 12 different sets of undies. wink

knittedbreast Fri 09-Sep-11 19:12:52

thank you chirp chirp! however while i think of them, i do not carry them out.!!

im only nice inside smile

meditrina Fri 09-Sep-11 19:15:23

Tickets for a favourite sporting event? There's usually quite a lot on after Christmas.

Something gold, plus frankincense and myrrh smells on 12th night itself (try Neal's Yard?). Or by then, perhaps just a belch?

pointydog Fri 09-Sep-11 19:19:58

Get him two packs of beer. Give him a bottle a day.

ToothlesstheDragon Fri 09-Sep-11 23:28:44

hmm his hobbies/interests...

video games
sci fi/horror/fantasy anything
anything sciency
anything strange or bizarre (oddities)

zipzap Sat 10-Sep-11 09:57:57

Also check which 12 days of Christmas he is expecting - starting or ending with Christmas day...

You don't want him to be expecting something 12 days before Christmas and then get disappointed because nothing appears because you weren't planning to start until Christmas day!

If you want ideas of things to do, have a look at some of the gift pack things that will be arriving in the shops for Christmas any moment now. So if you are doing a movie night, get the DVD but put it in a little pack with a big bag of popcorn, one of those bags of eclairs (or whatever sweets you associate with the cinema), a bottle of pop and a straw. Or if youve got a ticket to a sporting event stick in a bar of choc, a homemade voucher promising a program and a scarf or something to keep him warm while watching Or if you're doing a relaxing night then get some lavender oil (or other relaxing oil you like), nice relaxing bubble bath, massage oil, a cd of nice music to chill to etc. Or an ice cream sundae night with a nice bowl (lots around in the sales at the moment) with lots of sauces and sprinkles and a pot of glace cherries etc. Don't think that everything has to be new; just assembling the bits into a kit will make it a treat especially if you don't want to end up spending loads.

You don't need to buy the kits, just use them to get inspiration. Places like boots, m&s, whsmiths, John Lewis, tescos, sainsburys etc all seem to have the kits.

Also could you do something like write a little verse for each day to make him guess first or have a special little box that you put each day's treat in with a big number label changing each day. Anything that stitches the individual days together and turns it into a 12 day event.

gillybean2 Sat 10-Sep-11 13:07:36

Family tickets for a decent panto show. We always go between xmas and new year and it is fab fun for all the family. Try and get as near the front as you can for the extra bonus of being squirted and catching the sweets etc

Tickets for a comedy show or sporting event or days out treat he'd enjoy at some point in the coming year. Or to whichever scifi event he's into (star trek and dr who have this kind of thing I believe)

A new book or annual (you can get Qi and top gear ones that aren't aimed at kids so much)

A new game (you said he's into gaming)

Some kind of kit that'd he'd make (amazing how many grown men enjoy a star wars lego kit or hornby train set)

A bottle of his favourite tipple (expensive whisky, guinness etc)

Cards bit naughty and a book of card games

I'll think of some more...

gillybean2 Sat 10-Sep-11 13:19:33

ok some more ideas

geeky jigsaw star trek dr who simpsons starwars etc etc

Or somethign like this puzzle instead

rubix cube key ring

cufflinks with his initials on

captain kirk bath robe

odd socks!

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