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What to buy for a 6 yr old girl?

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yummymummy3010 Sat 03-Sep-11 15:49:16

I am struggling for idea's on what to buy my 6 yr old daughter this Christmas. She is too old now for things like Peppa Pig, Dora the explorer etc. She has recently became a fan of Horrid Henry. Also I think she is abit too young for make-up, smellies etc. She is not interested in Barbie or dolls. Does anyone have any idea's please? Thank you smile x

DharmaBumpkin Sat 03-Sep-11 16:34:37

My recently turned 7 yr old is mad on Hello Kitty... She had a mandala designer for her birthday which was a hit, next favourite was some of those shaped rubber band things in Hello Kitty shapes which were about £1.50 from Amazon! Hope that helps

LynetteScavo Sat 03-Sep-11 16:47:20

Can't you ask her?

My DD will probably want everything Hello Kitty (or it might be so yesterday by then) a Silvanian Families house, possible a bike (but I might hold out for her birthday) a camera (she has her eye on the lego one) - probably some lego, and an MP3 player. Oh, and some games for her DS.

She will probably also ask for another one of t these, but I will say no. There is only so many I'm prepared to share my home with.

tummytickler Sat 03-Sep-11 18:01:52

dd is 6 and she would like Sylvanian stuff and Playmobil. Either are a big hit with her.
She also loves Hello Kitty - so I normally get her a colouring book and hair bands, so as not to have a Hello Kitty house!
She loves getting her own bubble bath, nothing too grown up, just one of the child friendly gift sets from Boots (bubble bath, soap and bath confetti). She loved it, felt so grown up.
I haven't really thought about dd yet, as she is usually so easy!
She really wants a Charmies Magic Beader and also a Gelarti Designer Studio. But we will see. They look like they might be a bit crap!

LawrieMarlow Sat 03-Sep-11 18:12:17

My DD is going to be 6 in a few weeks time and basically wants the house to be even more taken over by Hello Kitty than it already is grin. Am probably going to indulge this for the birthday but might try and influence a bit for Christmas. She has mentioned being interested in a new scooter.

CherryMonster Sat 03-Sep-11 19:09:23

yep! also hello kitty in my house. dd1 is getting a hello kitty scooter (she cant ride a bike) and a hello kitty jewellery making set and prob a load of other hello kitty stuff.

Tortoise Sat 03-Sep-11 19:15:31

DD2 age 7 loves hello kitty too. She likes the Blendy pens I got her for Birthday.

Ismeyes Sat 03-Sep-11 19:53:09

DD is 5 and half at Christmas and she seems to actively avoid Hello Kitty and Sylvanian Families. She currently has her eye on a furreal walking dog, a fijit robot or 4, and some magnext/lego. Any craft/making stuff is a big hit here too though.

lilolilmanchester Sat 03-Sep-11 19:54:54

my DD loved "arty-crafty" stuff at that age... anything to make, stick, colour. But depends on whether your DD likes that sort of thing.

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