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Just delivered my first christmas present

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TeaOneSugar Sun 28-Aug-11 20:01:46

Am I the first?

In my defence;

1. They live in the sticks (arse end of nowhere)
2. They will probably be snowed in for weeks before Christmas, we couldn't get near then last year.
3. I'd already bought it - QVC TSV.
4. It's a bit too heavy to post (plus postman might not be able to get)
5. We were visiting them this weekend anyway.

DH thinks I'm mad and they both shook their heads, but that's one ticked off my list grin

LordOfTheFlies Sun 28-Aug-11 20:19:12

Oh Oh what TSV was is.
You don't have to say exactly in case it outs you.
But by a process of elimination ....

Thinks of previous recent TSVs that are heavy..

MyDingaling Sun 28-Aug-11 20:24:17

What is TSV?

TeaOneSugar Sun 28-Aug-11 21:40:27

It's a "Todays special value", they have something on special offer everyday.

It was a Yankee Candles TSV, large jar candles, so quite heavy (for postal rate purposes) and breakable.

They're usually about £18 each, I got three for £30 including P&P, so £10 each.

LordOfTheFlies Sun 28-Aug-11 22:46:49

I saw the glass tart burners and tarts last week, but I've got one.

What flavour did you buy?
<<Stamps foot angrily at missing a big jar TSV>>

But I bought the twin-set (Cashmasoft) in cream .For me.

TeaOneSugar Mon 29-Aug-11 09:15:03

They're Apple, Fruit Basket and Sugar Cane and Vanilla.

I'm gifting the first two and keeping Sugar Cane and Vanilla for myself.

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