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Christmas Markets

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nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 21:40:52

I would really like to take my DD to a big Christmas Market. I was thinking about Lille, but after the disasters on the eurostar with snow and cold in the past couple of years I'm a bit put off. Are there any really lovely Christmas markets in the uk? We live in london, but would go for a weekend if there is a nice place that anyone could recomend?

overthemill Sat 20-Aug-11 21:43:12

We wen to christmas market in lille a few years ago. Eurotunnel and drove to outskirts then parked and went to centre on metro.

It was brilliant, really lovely and lots of happy memories.

Would love to go again

We have also been to Lincoln which was also excellent but crowded!

ja9 Sat 20-Aug-11 21:45:44

have heard york is good... or bath?

fortyplus Sat 20-Aug-11 21:48:29

A friend told me that the Birmingham one was excellent but I couldn't go because of the snow! They have one at the Milton Keynes shopping centre and that's unbelievably bad!

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 21:49:49

overthemill - what worries me is that last year and the year before the tunnel was shut due to snow/cold ect. It would be just my luck to get stuck there the week before christmas!

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 20-Aug-11 21:52:46

Birmingham one is lovely, and I hear the Manchester one is great too.

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 21:55:25

York sound nice, is Birmingham a nice city to visit?
I am one of those londoners that think anything outside the M25 is abroad blush, also my dp is Australian and has seen very little of the country (despite being here for 10 years) so I would like to go somewhere really historic if you know what I mean?

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 21:56:14

What about Scotland? Neither of us have been there!

ja9 Sat 20-Aug-11 22:00:13

edinburgh one is quite nice... nicer than glasgow anyway...

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 20-Aug-11 22:02:56

Birmingham is nice to visit. It's not the derelict, soulless, epicentre of nowhere that it used to be (that accolade goes to Telford these days). Birmingham has gone rather upmarket over the last 10 years.

No, I don't live there, nor do I work for the tourist board.

foxinsocks Sat 20-Aug-11 22:04:25

Lol Nancy

I quite fancy Vienna but like you, not sure I could be bothered with the hassle of cancelled flights etc

birdofthenorth Sat 20-Aug-11 22:04:33

Manchester is the best in the UK by far!

Wormshuffler Sat 20-Aug-11 22:07:37

I agree with Birmingham, the Lincoln one is ridiculously crowded, you can't just wander, you get herded around in one direction and the parking is a nightmare.

exoticfruits Sat 20-Aug-11 22:08:44

Winchester is lovely-around the cathedral with an ice rink.

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 22:12:43

I don't even know where Lincoln is! Some interesting ideas, I'm guessing by Ja9's less than enthusiastic reply Scotland is a no no?

I have never considered going to Birmingham, but I will have a look at some websites, and also for Manchester (at least I have an Idea of which area of the country they are inblush)

exoticfruits Sat 20-Aug-11 22:16:51

There is a pretty comprehensive list here

LordOfTheFlies Sat 20-Aug-11 22:19:30

I used to live in Glasgow for 3 years and I didn't even know they had one blush Though it was years ago in my defence.

In London they have a German Market on the South Bank (starts in November)
It's not massive but I think there's more stalls each year.

Be warned, it's freezing as it's quite open ,being by the river.

Personally, I would go to York because the town is so gorgeous too.

Lilyloo Sat 20-Aug-11 22:22:08

The christmas market in Manchester is really good , very authentic , especially with a bit of outdoors iceskating in the town square.

cat64 Sat 20-Aug-11 22:25:55

Message withdrawn

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 22:26:30

Ooh too many choices now - I might spend every weekend in December dragging the family round Christmas markets!

Exotic Fruits, thank you for the list - losts of lovely places there, Winchester does look nice and not as far as some of the other places (i am thinking of the weather)
Lord of the flies - we live in london so have done the Southbank to death really, I do like the look of York as a place.

Lilyloo - I have counted your Manchester vote!

LittleWhiteWolf Sat 20-Aug-11 22:35:23

Did Hamburg a few years ago. Thats a proper Christmas Market! This year I'm determined to drag take DH to the one in Oxford, purely as its local.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 20-Aug-11 22:43:45

Did you like the German Market nancy75?

I thought they were very atmospheric (been twice to SouthBank) but I don't think I actually bought anything.
There's alot of meat and mulled wine (cant spell Gluwine) stalls but I'm a non drinking vegetarian. Though the sweets and gingerbreads looked nice.

Then you have to transport the stuff home.
But the DCs like the Carousel and all the entertainment.

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 22:47:37

Lord of the flies - its a nice afternoon out, but we live in SE london, so it just feels like somewhere we go anyway but with stalls! Tbh I'm not really looking to buy stuff, I would just like to take DD(aged 6) to a really big xmas market because they have a lovely atmosphere, especilly if it's in a really pretty place.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 20-Aug-11 23:48:13

York has got some really nice places (sadly The Forbidden Corner near Masham isn't open in winter sad .Your 6 yo DD would love it)

We usually go on holiday to York in Sept, it's central for the family. But I would love to go at Christmas. Though last year they had horrendous snow. My brother lives near Halifax.

There was a "Great things about Yorkshire" thread last week (I think on chat) .Should give you some ideas. grin

nancy75 Sat 20-Aug-11 23:53:38

York does look really lovely, it's got that kind of old fahioned look about it! It looks like one of those places that would be quite magical at christmas. Also because Dp is Australian it would be nice for him to see some of ye olde england! I am going to look up the graet things about Yorkshire thread now.
The snow is the reason I want to stick to the uk, if we are driving we can decide whether to go/ not go at the last minute - all you lose is the price of the hotel room, but if we get stuck on the wrong side of the channel tunnel it would be a nightmare!

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