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Due at Christmas....Present Buying

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LikeACandleButNotQuite Sun 14-Aug-11 21:36:19

Anyone due this Christmas or who has been ready to pop at previous Christmases, what did you do re: presents? Should I buy early, buy less (money will be v.tight on Mat Pay), buy vouchers?

Dont fancy trawling the shops when heavily pregnant and the thought of DH doing the shopping....everyone will just get a copy of Predator or similar on DVD!

Any advice, experiences welcome smile

brightermornings Sun 14-Aug-11 21:39:38

DD was due end of nov so I got all mine done before. But it was nearly 10 years ago and the internet wasn't as available. Make a list first set, a budget, there are some good bargains to be had in the sales that are on at the mo.

chirpchirp Sun 14-Aug-11 22:14:44

I was due last at Christmas last year and did most of it via Amazon in November (so before maternity pay kicked in). Topped that up with stuff that was available in the local supermarket that I could pick up while doing weekly shop (yes I mean booze and chocolates).

Definitely agree that waddling around the shops didn't seem appealing.

LordOfTheFlies Sun 14-Aug-11 22:51:34

Can you tell people (I mean adult people) not to expect presents.
The lack of time. The physical and mental exhaustion. Lack of money.
They will understand(or they should do)
Children are another matter.Buy on Amazon.

BTW I had DS in the Dec before the Millenium so not so much in the way of on-line.
Managed to go to Sainsburys three days before Christmas (DH at home with baby son.Germs you know!)
And I took DS hat with me to smell (sad mother emoticon)

DH says Perdator is a good film.They'll be happy.
Good luck grin

LikeACandleButNotQuite Mon 15-Aug-11 10:26:14

Hahaha, thanks LOTF an MrLOTF Was toying with saying 'NO Presents' o adults, gven or received.

Tinkerisdead Tue 16-Aug-11 16:20:13

My dd was born at the end of Nov. I made a list of everyone with a budget and basic ideas. Then shopped online. I had it all done by October and was actually the one time I came in on budget as it was so well planned. I gave the presents when people visited the baby so by Xmas I was sorted. the only thing I couldnt do was xmas cards as I didnt know who the baby was to sign their name! But then I put the birth announcement in with the xmas cards later and saved on postage!

In fact I was so well planned I start in sept each year now. It makes for a stress free xmas, but my mum drives me mad as she writes a xmas list and as i start early i never get her anything from her list.

And for xmas dinner (DD was 4 weeks old) I sent DH to M&S and he got one of those turkey joints in a tin, and preprepped potatoes etc. whole meal was one posh ready meal. Love the photos of DD in a sling with a napkin over her head so i didnt drop gravy on her! Best xmas ever!

LikeACandleButNotQuite Tue 16-Aug-11 19:37:51

hahaha, that would make a fab picture, TheDoctorsWife46.

Have decided I am going to start Friday (payday!) and last year we did "£10 christmas" as were scrimping the pennies for our wedding (was so much fun trying to find perfect gifts in with only £10 per person).

We had warned family that was what we were doing and told them we didn't want any gifts.
Might do the same this year.

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