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Cooking Kit for 12 yr old

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MadWithLife Mon 18-Jul-11 00:12:55

I would like to buy some sort of cooking set for Dd1 12 yrs for Christmas. I want it to have ingredients, recipe and utensils so she can make a complete dish with the set. Does anyone know of anything like this and where I could get one?

ObiWan Mon 18-Jul-11 07:14:21

Could you put something together yourself?
Choose a dish that you know she'll like/be able to cope with and put together some fancy utensils. The brightly coloured silicon utensils you can get in any supermarket were what we got for our 7 year old DS last year. Along with an apron and silicon oven mits. He now has his own 'cooking stuff' to pull out whenever the urge strikes.

If she's quite competent already you could get some nice looking glass jars of herbs/spices etc. to save expensive raids on your saffron in the name of experiments grin.

Maybe print out and laminate some recipes, and put everyting into a nice box or wooden crate/basket type thing.

LordOfTheFlies Mon 18-Jul-11 20:53:54

Last year Sainsburys did a 'cookie in a jar' baking kit.
Layers of flour, brown sugar,spices.
I think you just had to add an egg and milk then mix and roll.
Maybe you could do similar with a cookie recipie and add some cutters and a wooden spoon.

Or the Delia Smith Christmas Cake frpm Waitrose.Though I heard alot of people were disappointed because the kit was a bit scanty and the amount of add on ingredients meant it was a bit of a waste of time/money

MadWithLife Tue 19-Jul-11 14:10:31

Thanks for replies.

Making one up seems like a good idea. She is quite competent already so will choose something she hasn't made yet.

CroissantNeuf Tue 19-Jul-11 14:14:37

You can buy some lovely Recipe notebooks and folders that can be used for writing favourite recipes in or cutting out from magazines and putting them in.

Recipe box

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