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So who's started their Christmas shopping then?

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OvO Sat 21-May-11 13:57:11

I'm only posting this because as soon as it's seen in Active Convos it will make peoples head explode. grin<evil>

Hassled Sat 21-May-11 13:58:53

Not only have I done the shopping, I've written the cards, wrapped the presents, hand-made the crackers and got the sprouts on.

Hassled Sat 21-May-11 13:59:06

And our Christmas tree is up.

OvO Sat 21-May-11 13:59:46

Bet you never even took it down.

FoundWanting Sat 21-May-11 14:01:28

Oooh. i knew you were local Hassled, but now I know where your house is. grin

We couldn't decide if you were late taking the tree down or early putting it up.

OvO Sat 21-May-11 14:04:23

I shouldn't admit this but last year I'd already put away several presents. blush

Over the new year I found my marbles that I'd lost and haven't done it this year.

EdwardorEricCantDecide Sat 21-May-11 14:08:14

well i bought DH tickets to "Mrs browns boys stage show" but this was only because thay would have sold out if i waited, that is all i've bought.

can i assume you are all joking? about the tree?

<obviously understand that its just not christmas with very overdone sprouts>

peeriebear Sat 21-May-11 14:10:14

I have a bid on something on Ebay that my friend will love, and doesn't come up very often. I tried to get her it last year but bidding around Christmas went stupidly high. So if I win, it will be put away till Christmas (or next May when i remember where I secreted it)

OvO Sat 21-May-11 14:10:41

I did try to buy an Advent calendar today. Which is what prompted me to start this thread. But.. but... im my defense I was looking at dinosaur stuff on the playmobil site and saw they had a dino one!

MotherPanda Sat 21-May-11 14:11:55

head explodes I'll have to start saving up my tax credits...

EdwardorEricCantDecide Sat 21-May-11 14:16:49

can i just ask on a serious note?

do you all buy for adults in the family at christmas?
i'm gonna be on Mat leavve this christmas and we're pretty skint, so i said anyone over 16yo will not be getting anything from us (including parents) DH said that we can't do this what are your thoughts?

MotherPanda Sat 21-May-11 14:19:51

Edward - I've been really skint for the last few christmases, so what i do is get a present for a family group ie, mum and dad get a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates, aunty and cousins get a fruit hamper.

It can all be done at morrisons, if you budget say £5 or £10 for a family 'group' then its much easier, and then nobody feels left out. Plus, a lot of the supermarkets do bogofs on the choccys at christmas, and marks and spencers usually do there 25% off when you buy six bottles of wine.

It is christmas after all smile (well, in 6 and a half months)

Hassled Sat 21-May-11 14:20:50

I have the inflatable snowman with the flashing light surround up on the garage roof, too. Shame it doesn't get dark till late these days - spoils that Christmas spirit.

(Edward or Eric - Edward is better, btw, and I think only presents for the kids is absolutely fine. People will understand and if they don't then they don't deserve presents anyway)

OvO Sat 21-May-11 14:21:51

I buy for my parents - that's the only adults. Dont even buy DH anything! grin

Used to buy for my sisters and bil's but I never knew what to buy and it just seemed like an expensive waste of money all round. A few years ago we stopped doing it.

If you suggest to people about stopping for over 16's you'll probably find that loads of people are actually relieved to do it.

EdwardorEricCantDecide Sat 21-May-11 15:12:44

SIL suggested last year that we do a secret santa within the family where we each pick out one person to buy for but budget was £100 per person, meaning that DH and I were £200 plus all the kids plus my side of the family still worked out as expensive.

that was us meant to be cutting down. DHs family go way OTT at xmas he used to spend £150 per parent shock it has taken me 7years to cut this down to £75 per parent, i think the best way is just a token gift like chocs wine etc.

scampbeast Sat 21-May-11 15:43:06

We stopped buying for anyone with children as we get the little ones gifts and Christmas is more for them anyway. I also said to some people that they didn't need to get us anything as they got for DS.
I am knitting toys for the nieces and nephews this year to save some money but am on the look out for gifts for our parents year round to get a bargin.

NHScutback Sun 22-May-11 21:22:15

I did last year but got sick of it all sitting under the bed. I actually ended up spending more as kept forgetting that I'd already bought stuff. I also decided that buying it nearer the time was more fun / added to the Xmas spirit. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas though. Hate boring old summer, roll on Sept.

LordOfTheFlies Sat 28-May-11 00:09:07

Oh yes,^flexes interwoven fingers and cracks knuckles^
Saving up M&S rewards-though they are quite stingy but I've used card for car service,road tax and insurance this month

Sainsbo nectar points £43 so far,should be double by Christmas.

£2 coins in a jar.

QVC Christmas in July 25/07/11 though the past few years have been a bit meh.
Most seems to be Clearance Stuff renamed CIJ.*I'm not that gullible QVC, bring me more new stuff*

Note to self:buy everything you can by end November.Remember last years snow.

girlywhirly Sat 28-May-11 12:59:44

This reminds me of my dear mum, who used to buy things all year, in sales and craft markets, then put them away. When time came to wrap and give them to people, she used to change her mind and go to buy something else! She used to save on postage, as she would have the presents wrapped and take them with us when we went to visit relatives at October half-term! (Then they had the problem of putting them away and forgetting where)

I don't have the same problem as she used to buy for loads of relatives, but as both DH and my parents are now dead and we have no siblings, and agreed not to do presents for cousins and friends, my list is fabulously small!

Good idea to buy a gift for a whole family to share. Lordoftheflies makes a good point about snow interfering with last minute shopping. I'm already in training for dragging a loaded shopping trolley up the hill from town.

cjbartlett Sat 28-May-11 13:02:56

Pmsl at hassled - have you got your Bernard Matthews turkey in the freezer too?! Rofl

I got Xmas cards in the January sales blush

OvO Sat 28-May-11 13:45:22

I've been looking at Christmas craft stuff. I feel no shame!

girlywhirly Sat 28-May-11 16:17:13

I buy Christmas cards in January when they are reduced as well.

Machin11 Tue 31-May-11 15:41:45

I haven't started buying just yet, although I have been planning my presents list :-)
I do save up though, so I have a fab Xmas Saving Jar, that I need to smash to get the dosh out of, its around half full, I have no idea how much is in there, but I do drop an odd £5 or £10 note in after shopping as well as change (DH moans as when he leaves change lying around it goes in the jar and he can't get it back)
I save nectar points, so far got around £47 but expect to have around £80, I collect Tecso savings stamps (so far £40 but will aim for £100) and I've got my tescos vouchers (around £60) however I save these until Dec so add the rest to them and flog them on eBay to make some money :-)

Ooopsadaisy Tue 31-May-11 15:45:42

Cards and wrapping paper all bought in the January sales.

Lots of gifts up in the loft ready for wrapping.

Machin11 Tue 31-May-11 15:46:02

Oh and joined one of these survey websites, I've been a member for three weeks and already at £5 as soon as I get to £10 I can have vouchers for Tesco's Amazon, Boots etc.

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