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How much does your mum and dad spend on you at christmas?

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christmaswishes Sun 26-Dec-10 22:44:52

How much do you get spent on you at christmas by your parents now that you are adults etc or do you still get same as when you were a chid?

what did you get?

santadefiesgravity Sun 26-Dec-10 22:47:29

Lots, but they can afford it now.

This year I got a CD player/ipod speaker system, a jumper, a gold watch and a pair of slippers.

amummyinwaiting Sun 26-Dec-10 22:47:44

My mom and dad spend far to much on me and my brother even though we're 28 and 30.
I reckon just over £100 each plus they spend about £50 on my dh (we dont have any dh yet)
I had a new sewing machine,chocolates,dvd, cds etc off them.

tingletangle Sun 26-Dec-10 22:48:20

Nothing at our request.

santadefiesgravity Sun 26-Dec-10 22:49:03

Not sure if the new living room carpet and seteee counts as I got them before Xmas

Kristingle Sun 26-Dec-10 22:50:38

some years we get a card

MumInBeds Sun 26-Dec-10 22:52:03

No, not as much as when I was a child but they do a lot for my children which is much nicer (imho).

mamasmissionimpossible Sun 26-Dec-10 22:53:50

£100 for me and dh.

SantosLHalper Sun 26-Dec-10 22:59:40

WE got £25 Marks and Spencers voucher this year. But they bought us
a new washing machine earlier in year and dh a new shed.

Last year I got a laptop and dh got Xbox 360.

They are very genrous and help us out financially a lot.

They got dd a bike, and always spend about £100 on her.

maltesers Sun 26-Dec-10 23:07:42

Not a lot. . .
My mum who is now 79 yrs and going a bit senile said yesterday that my present (which was a lotion/potion box for a 12 yr old) was from Argos . . . . .llllaaarrrvvvllyy !!

wangle99 Mon 27-Dec-10 07:27:25

My mother spends about £20 and my inlaws about £30.

lal123 Mon 27-Dec-10 07:39:04

we got a joint cheque for £400 - but that includes some £ to cover cost of presents for our DC (so probably £150 each).

nymphadora Mon 27-Dec-10 07:46:13

This year was about £50. Dh similar. They spend loads on dds too. I'm an only child & grand child on one side & my kids are only kids altogether so lots from cousins too

Seona1973 Mon 27-Dec-10 08:45:38

our parents dont buy for xmas for us but do get things for the kids - there are a few kids in the family though so each child gets about £15-£20 worth of presents.

ABudafulSightWereHappyTonight Mon 27-Dec-10 08:48:19

Nothing. They buy for the children. 9 grandchildren now so it's a lot!

teenyweenytadpole Mon 27-Dec-10 08:50:59

Nothing from mine but they don't have a lot of money, they just buy for the DD's and that's fine with me. I don't normally buy for them either but this year I did send them something "token".

Hai1988 Mon 27-Dec-10 10:10:47

£150 this year, they spent £40 on DH

acumenin Mon 27-Dec-10 10:12:38

This year my daddy gave me a lovely pair of pyjamas from hush and a bottle of gin. I'd guess that came to £75?

I suspect he spends the same or a bit more than when we were small because they had no money when we were all at home, but many fewer presents, now! We got absolutely loads, piles, when we were kids. My mum would wrap up everything we might need for the whole year - soap, knickers, sellotape, alarm clocks, haha! We thought it was brilliant.

LauraNorder Mon 27-Dec-10 10:13:13

My mum bought me a pair of Emu boots, she was going to get me Uggs but I couldn't get them to fit. She also got me some bits in a stocking! So yes I think she spends the same as when we were young.

Notevenamouse Mon 27-Dec-10 10:15:47

Our parents and grandparents don't buy us anything, we give them hampers and contributions to fuel bills. We buy a tiny gift to put under the tree and say it is from them for the children.

CharlotteBronteSaurus Mon 27-Dec-10 10:20:42

no parents, but MIL is very generous
she got me a charm bracelet, and dh got a couple of branded t-shirts, as well getting presents for the girls

when dd2 was born in october, and we had no baby stuff, she got us a bouncy chair, baby swing thing, and baby gym, as well as some cash!

pozzled Mon 27-Dec-10 10:25:18

Both sets of parents give us a small present and a cheque, around £75-£100 to share between Dh and myself.

SlartyBartFast Mon 27-Dec-10 10:28:24

my mum spends 20 on everyone. grandchildren and children.

Curiousmama Mon 27-Dec-10 11:05:14

Not sure how much mum spends as don't ask. She has a lot of grandchildren and great grandchildren to buy for. As long as she's happy with whatever I get her then that's fine. Plus her dp was very pleased with his present smile ExMil spent around £50 as she usually gives me cash but gave exdh the cash and he bought me some gifts which were lovely. My dp's mum got me a lovely gift too but no clue how much it cost?

As long as dcs are happy and everyone is nice to one another then that's the best gift I can get. May be mushy but I don't care wink

5ElvesMooningSanta Mon 27-Dec-10 11:08:39

I tell them every year not to buy me or DH anything, but they still do. Its never anything big, maybe £15 from my mam and £20 off my dad (they are divorced).

My brother OTOH gets about £100 spent between him and his wife frommy mam, but they don't have DC yet.

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