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anyone else feeling a bit sad it is almost over?

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ConstantlyCooking Fri 24-Dec-10 23:24:01

I love the build up to Christmas - the expectation and preparation, and am just feeling a little tinge of sadness that it is almost over. I am looking forward to tomorrow, but then after a few days the Christmas season is over for another year. It seems to go quicker now that the sales start Boxing Day and there is nothing Christmassy left in the shops. I know I am being silly but my dc are growing up and soon will be too old for the all the children's things. (They are already too old for visits to FC).
Tell me to pull myself together - shakes self, drinks FC's brandy and heads off to check on turkey stock before going to bed.

onimolap Fri 24-Dec-10 23:30:20

Chin up! There are twelve days of Christmas. Here's to making the most of them!

LongtimeinBrussels Fri 24-Dec-10 23:50:39

Here in Belgium the children went to school today (although some schools were closed because of the masses of snow we had last night) so I don't even feel there's been a build-up yet! It's going to be over before it's started in this house!

maktaitai Fri 24-Dec-10 23:51:16

Sort of - I was going to post a thread about 'the next thing to look forward to' because to be perfectly honest this has been a really, really difficult December and the only thing that has made it bearable has been the nice things about Christmas.... and we're almost back to normal already...

In fact I nearly always enjoy the time after Christmas - lots of decluttering and winter walks, plus new books to read and things. And planning holidays smile

LongtimeinBrussels Fri 24-Dec-10 23:51:26

Oh and all but one of our Christmas "do"s got cancelled because of the weather so I'm really not feeling in the Christmas spirit yet.

bluecardi Fri 24-Dec-10 23:53:34

It's just the start! - a super day tomorrow, all the pressies, snow in the garden (difficult on the roads though), school hols, lots of treats, new year...

gillybean2 Fri 24-Dec-10 23:56:05

I always book the panto for a few days after to help prolong the excitement and we go to friends after xmas too so we look forward to that as well. Have ds's birthday in january too so we hve that still to come.
Can you not plan something special to do in the coming few days to help keep you all going and excited?

DuffyMoon Sat 25-Dec-10 00:01:36

I know exactly how you feel - i wish i could just enjoy being in the now rather than being sad that it will soon be over..... I am always thinking this time tomorrow or this time next week it will all be over - drives me mad

chipsncurrysauce Sat 25-Dec-10 00:06:59

What's wrong with you? It hasn't even started. Why spend all that time planning if you can't enjoy it when it happens? Get a grip and enjoy the moment.

DuffyMoon Sat 25-Dec-10 00:16:23

I know - wish i could

onimolap Sat 25-Dec-10 09:20:14

This morning, DD sang "On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree".

Then stopped. Apparently I'm going to get one verse every morning through all the 12 days!

Why do people curtail Christmas? 12 days must easily be the longest festival - so worth the planning: I must be channeling Noddy Holder as "It's only just begun"!

nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 09:57:44

Well I'm very sad cos I woke up to discover DS and my mum have opened all his presents from Santa without me

chrimblycompo Sat 25-Dec-10 10:04:13

Aw that's truly crap nappyadict

nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 10:13:06

Trying to pull myself together and not let it ruin the whole day but I can't stop crying. It's the first year he's really got Santa, last year he refused to open any presents when he was 3! I don't want DS to see me upset though but now I feel guilty cos I've left him on his own watching his new DVD so I can try and get it together. I cannot wait til we never have to spend another Christmas here. Bring on Christmas without my family!

Pantofino Sat 25-Dec-10 10:18:18

nappy! That is awful! shock. I would be beside myself!

nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 10:21:09

It's my fault for not getting up earlier I suppose. DS got up at 8am apparently but I didn't wake til about 9:30am. He's 4, he can't be expected to wait.

gillybean2 Sat 25-Dec-10 14:08:54

Shocked your mum didn't even try and wake you and let him do that. She must know how horrible that would be to miss surely!!! Has seh apologised!? And have you made it clear to ds that you know he was excited but that you are a bit sad that you missed the excitement and presents are only to be opened when everyone, especially mummy is there too and please can he remember for next year as Christmas is about families being together and that includes at present time too. And make sure your mum is in earshot when you say that to him so she is in no doubt how out of order that was!

And of course he can wait if that's what your family tradition is (and you should start that asap I think). Or at the very least he can come wake you and hurry you along if you aren't awake!

In this house ds opens his stocking when he wakes, but... he carries it into my room and opens it in bed with me (yes even if that is at 6am or once time at 3am!) Then we go back to sleep for a while and/or he can play with whatever toys and games were in his stocking.

Then when we get up (which is usually earlier than I would like) it is one presents each from under the tree but only when we are both there. Rest of presents are only allowed once everyone is showered and/or dressed and we have had breakfast together. Table is specially laid out with crackers and his xmas bowl and mug and he gets a variety cereal pack to pick what he likes from (which is special as he doesn't get them often otherwise).

So it's exciting and special and is something to look forward too in itself, not simply a present fest first thing on waking!

It's always been that way here, so he sticks to it. Sounds like you need to start something similar pronto.

It's done now though, so you should at least try and enjoy the presents with him and go spend time with him now.

nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 14:31:00

gillybean We always do stockings on waking, then get showered/dressed and breakfasted, to the church, back to watch a DVD and the big present from FC. I usually take DS out to the park and we come back and have dinner and tree presents are opened afterwards.

mumeeee Sat 25-Dec-10 17:58:37

No. Not over here as we still have a big family party to go to on the 28th and there will be more presents. Also ben the first Christmas without DD1 as she's skiing in France with her DH and his parents. But they will be at the family party and we will also get to meet my 3 week old great Nephew for the first time.

shinyshoesandglitterypoos Sat 25-Dec-10 18:01:33

No, it's been a lovely day but I've had enough now, I want to sleep and get my little monkeys to sleep too.

ConstantlyCooking Sun 26-Dec-10 09:09:55

i had a lovely day and made a huge effort to focus on the moment. I think sharing my feelings on MN made it easier because I had to articulate them.
Weather permitting going for day at my parents.
I think I just enjoy the whole planning, preparation and anticipation. I always celebrate

PercyPigPie Tue 28-Dec-10 19:46:20

Nappyaddict sad I'd be furious

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