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Christmas is all over for us :-(

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LeroyJethroGibbs Fri 24-Dec-10 17:13:14

Message withdrawn

Carrotsandcelery Fri 24-Dec-10 17:16:39

Oh Leroy have a very non mumsnet hug <hugs tight>. I am sorry I can't help more.

werewolf Fri 24-Dec-10 17:18:33

<Offers tea and cake.>

Great name btw!

stickersarecurrency Fri 24-Dec-10 17:21:13

Ah you poor thing. It sounds like your kids had a lovely time though. I hope you enjoy tomorrow as much as is possible.

Tikkabillajive Fri 24-Dec-10 17:21:51

Hugs from me too Leroy - hope you can find a bit of time to indulge yourself tomorrow - maybe sneak off with a good book and a handful of Roses chocs? I am sure tomorrow won't be ideal for you, but it sounds as though you have given your boys a Christmas to remember.

greygirl Fri 24-Dec-10 17:22:51

think of tomorrow as boxing day, and try and enjoy being grown up, without any little people chasing after you to wipe their bottoms/feed them/tidy up.i know you'll miss them, but you might as well try and get something out of this.
the actual date of christmas day isn't important in my opinion - you have had a christmas day and tomorrow is the aftermath.

but a big hug to try and ease the pain anyway

sarah293 Fri 24-Dec-10 17:29:40

Message withdrawn

LeroyJethroGibbs Fri 24-Dec-10 17:44:43

Message withdrawn

gobbledegoop Fri 24-Dec-10 17:57:09

Me and my ex take it in turns to have our DC on xmas day. This year is his turn and i am working. I just pretend its not xmas day and look forward to it all boxing day. I do understand what you mean though, somehow it's still not quite the same!

BertieBottlesOfMulledWine Fri 24-Dec-10 18:01:55

You are doing a lovely thing for them Leroy, my parents are divorced and used to take turns doing Christmas with each parent, we loved it, it really was the best of both worlds. I'm so glad they felt able to do that.

It's supposed to be DS' turn to be with his Dad tomorrow but he's only having him for the morning. I was fine with this but now it's so close I'm feeling a bit sad that I will miss Christmas morning! DS is only 2 though so isn't really excited yet.

NetworkGuy Fri 24-Dec-10 18:18:05

Must be very hard, but congratulations on your viewpoint "I am no more important than their dad, I don't know why people don't get that." as it can help you get through the day...

(Though I suspect even some dad's would not agree - there are many situations where a Mum is more special, and someone who can share good and bad news, much better than a dad).

shinyshoesandglitterypoos Fri 24-Dec-10 18:22:44

The greatest gift you can give them is to be happy to be around them when they are there and happy that they are having time with their dad when they are not.

I'm sorry you are so down but this will get easier. It's a bugger being without people you love at christmas. My plans have been scuppered by snow. But you know, you have them every day and every day can be a little bit special for you because you've had that day away from them.

Now crack open those choccies and find a shit film to watch

LeroyJethroGibbs Fri 24-Dec-10 18:23:35

Message withdrawn

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