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Have left things seriously late – please please help me with Christmas veg and stocking fillers for the DDs

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aliceinlalaland Fri 24-Dec-10 09:49:49

DD1 is 3 on christmas day and DD2 is 10MO so they are easily pleased. But have been ill and starting a new job so completely behind on everything. I have a couple of hours this afternoon to get some wee stocking fillers for them, any recommendations?

And now, the Christmas veg. The rest of the Christmas dinner is sorted (there's been a lot of delegating so basically all I need to sort out is turkey and veg plus co-ordinating everyone else). Was just going to go out an buy sprouts & steam them possibly tossing in some butter & grilled pine nuts at the end. What else do I need? I don't much like cooked carrots.

Thank you and Merry Christmas grin

panettoinydog Fri 24-Dec-10 09:52:39

red cabbage? maple and mustard parsnips? You have taters I take it

gillybean2 Fri 24-Dec-10 09:53:04

head to hawkins bazaar, loads in there for the older one (over 3yrs)
Otherwise you can fill up stocking with bubble bath, new socks, knickers, mister men/little miss book, satsuma, chocolate coins etc

maize Fri 24-Dec-10 09:54:15

Pound shop for stocking fillers - lots of little stationary bits.

pongonperdy Fri 24-Dec-10 09:55:26

Should be able to pick things up at a big supermarket. Choc coins, books, toys, bath toys, bubble bath, socks, bibs, spoons and plates etc.

For food buy pre done trays you can pop in the oven.

gillybean2 Fri 24-Dec-10 09:55:44

Have you got some puddings?
What about chese and bisuits and snacks & bits for left overs in the evening and boxing day?

veg wise just cook what you actually like. Usual veg is parsnips, roast pots, veg medley (carrots, brocoli, cauliflower, peas etc), sprouts, red cabbage, mash (or not) or swede mash maybe.
But just go with whatever you want (or is abvailable at this point)

blackeyedsusan Fri 24-Dec-10 10:08:06

Wilkos for stationary, they even sell some chunky crayons which your 10m old can use (technically at 12m)

pencil crayons wax crayons note book to colour in, rolled up colouring book, stickers, crafty bits for 3yold bubble bath and maybe a small toy? They do a pack of musical insturuments I think which you could open and share out
wilkos also has a selction of small board books that will fit in stocking for dd2
what about hair clips/ bobbles, they do those too.

Vegetables... roasted crrots (I don't like cooked carrots either and these are lovely)
roast parsnips, peppers, sweetpotatoes, courgettes mushrooms. buy what you fancy and pop in the oven at various intervals. you could spread some honey and whole grain mustardover parsnips I think

aliceinlalaland Fri 24-Dec-10 10:31:23

Thank you so much. Stocking ideas are all great.

ILs are bringing xmas pud, I have got tonnes of cheese & crackers. Going to buy mince pies at the same time as veg. DH has purchased his own body weight in crisps so I think we'll be ok for snacks.

DM is doing roasties & parsnips. I enlisted help this year having spent the whole of xmas day cooking & tidying last year. But still think I"m not quite on top of it.

Love the idea of doing pre-done trays but we always seem to run out of space in the oven so I guess that'd be a prob with the roasted carrots etc though I really like that idea. Maybe I'll just do a veg medley (i have courgettes, a few carrots, green beans)- how can I jazz it up a bit so it doesn't just look like boiled veg with butter on (DH won't touch honey or mustard sadly, I love them).

blackeyedsusan - like your idea of roasting at various intervals but how do you keep everything warm once it's cooked?

lunavix Fri 24-Dec-10 12:46:45

Stick some pancetta in with the veg and fry (shamelessly taken from the brussels thread) might make it seem more christmassy

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