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Phew - my Ocado Christmas shop appears to be coming but with an unprecedented number of substitutions....

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nigglewiggle Thu 23-Dec-10 08:55:44


They never substitute, that's one of the reasons I love em!

I bet they will blame the weather, but I suspect they have allowed too many orders.

LaurieFairyonthetreeEatsCake Thu 23-Dec-10 08:58:50

I got my substitutions last night and frankly it was just loo rolls, yucky essentials pate for nice pate.

There was stuff they didn't even try and substitute and just didn't get delivered - no alcohol lager, poultry gravy, strawberries.

I don't really care though, was just glad I got the majority of it without having to go out.

FrostyBaubles Thu 23-Dec-10 08:59:11

I am expecting mine this morning between 9 & 10, but i havent had my reminder text yet,starting to get a bit worried now.

wingandprayer Thu 23-Dec-10 09:10:05

Mine due to between 9 and 10 too. Had the text, no subs, but was very surprised. I've shopped with them a lot recently after few months of experiencing the joy of Tescos, and found there was subs with almost every order. Really strange as I thought whole point of Ocado was no subs? Different at the moment of course because I imagine they struggling with deliveries into them.

nigglewiggle Thu 23-Dec-10 09:48:55

My text came through about 10 mins before the shopping arrived!

You are right though Laurie - it still beats battling through the supermarket with 2 under 5's!

taffetazatyousantaclaus Thu 23-Dec-10 15:45:06

I got my Waitrose delivery last night, a few items missing but nothing urgent. Really glad I used them, I do each Christmas as a treat, usually use Sainsbo's who haven't delivered round here for about 2 weeks and won't before Christmas because of the melted snow.

I am seriously thinking of swapping for good.

IAmReallyFabNow Thu 23-Dec-10 15:48:57

I use Waitrose Direct rather than Ocado now.

taffetazatyousantaclaus Thu 23-Dec-10 15:49:57

yes, thats who I mean. Much much more stock and free delivery.

miSaltireandwine Thu 23-Dec-10 15:58:35

I used Ocado for the first time last week,a fter hearing on here that it was so fab. Never again. About 12 items were "out of stock" but when i queried it I was told they were in stock, but the order is picked by a................................................., not a human, and the computer didn't know they were in stock"

Biggest load of bullshit I've heard in a while. Won't be using thema gain.

goldenticket Thu 23-Dec-10 16:07:56

Got my Ocado delivery this morning - all present and correct with only one substitution.

From experiences in previous years, the earlier you put the items in your basket, the less chance they've got of being substituted IYKWIM.

nigglewiggle Thu 23-Dec-10 16:45:03

That's interesting goldenticket as most of the substitutions were for more recent additions. Mind you, none of them were very last minute.

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