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Actually I hate xmas

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charlieliz Thu 23-Dec-10 08:06:37

...and New Years eve is even worse. Have lost 2 more family members this year, my DSs are teens and so none of the 'magic' anymore - I have agreed to go to my sister for Xmas lunch but can't really be faffed. Sorry for being negative but I would be perfectly happy to hibernate unti Jan 2nd and miss the whole thing - I am not religious so there is no meaning to it and I am fed up with being expected to produce endless presents just because its expected. Maybe next year I will be brave enough to opt out - had been hoping this year it would just be me and my DSs doing what we wanted, eating what we wanted and being allowed to watch TV if we wanted (seriously frowned upon by my family!)
Anyway - Merry Xmas and all that!

color Thu 23-Dec-10 15:35:39

events in life made me feel very negative about christmas for quite a few years. Maybe this too will pass but in the mean time all I can say is that take the free time and treat it as a day to do what you want to do. Food does not matter, cook what you want, eat what you want do it for the kids who don't see the magic anymore but perhaps like just having the opportunity to be together. Not put very well but merry holidays to you and hope your negativity does not make it harder for you turn that negativity to being positive in what ever you want to do. You never know maybe everyone else just wants someone to slouch in front of the tv first! About being religious, I used to be but I actually didn't believe that christmas was really a religious time just a holiday time as dates get muddled and no-one really knows which date it would be after all these centuries anyway. So I have grown up just grateful for a chance to have time to indulge myself and my family. As for cards and presents, you would be surprised if you just stop all that for a few years how nice it becomes and you want to join in again... possibly.

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