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Nigella or Jamie gravy?

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HarderToKidnap Wed 22-Dec-10 17:26:54

This is the first year I have cooked Christmas lunch and to guide me through I have picked Nigella and will be doing exactly what she tells me, when she tells me. However, her gravy looks a little ming. Watched Jamie on Monday and his gravy looked delish although much, much more work. Has anyone tried either gravy and can offer feedback? I am brining the turkey so won't be able to use pan juices. Ta!

AnnoyingOrange Wed 22-Dec-10 17:29:15

Jamie every time

goodmanners Wed 22-Dec-10 17:31:02

bisto low salt everytime wink

panettoinydog Wed 22-Dec-10 17:42:40

I don't trust nigella to do anything properly. So I'd go Jamie

TheParasiteofChristmasPast Wed 22-Dec-10 17:50:58

i have done nigella's but for the life of me can't remember if it was nice. it all gets lost in teh craziness. cyb swears by jamies even though it takes a fortnight to prepare

HarderToKidnap Wed 22-Dec-10 17:53:19

I have just looked at the recipes again and Nigella's is all cinnamony, spicy, clovey meh, whilst Jamie's is full of chickeny bacony herby goodness. So think I will go Jamie.

panettoinydog Wed 22-Dec-10 17:55:25

nigella probably bungs in a jar of chilli sauce. She normally does that.

TheParasiteofChristmasPast Wed 22-Dec-10 17:56:52

nigella's roast beef gravy is fabulous. i really couldn't be arsed doing jamie's

allnightlong Wed 22-Dec-10 17:58:25

I'm going Jamie Gravy but Nigella turkey.

Lulumaam Wed 22-Dec-10 17:58:54

I make the Nigella giblet gravy from the domestic goddess book.. it's a faff, you soak the liver in milk, then fry it off in masala and make stock and blah blah blah but it is like nectar of the gods. Best Gravy Ever.

TheParasiteofChristmasPast Wed 22-Dec-10 18:06:51

i am just going to make normal gravy

HarderToKidnap Wed 22-Dec-10 18:09:47

How much gravy should I do for seven greedy poeple?

I am also buying posh back up gravy from Sainsbos. You know, in the pouches.

I am fully expecting my method of Christmas lunch cooking to evolve over the years until I am doing Bisto in about 2017. And a Bernard Matthews turkey crown in the microwave.

allnightlong Wed 22-Dec-10 19:17:18

For 7 people I'd do about 2 pints just to be on the safe side.

PixieX Wed 22-Dec-10 21:34:18

Im doing exactly the same - brined my turkey this evening and other half has made the Jamie Gravy!!! Smells gorj in our house already - can't wait for Christmas!

Has anyone done the Nigella turkey before - Im hoping it wont be salty or maple-syrupy ...?

PixieX Wed 22-Dec-10 21:35:49

Just realised my message makes no sense - I'd pressed "add message" below Allnightlong's post of doing Nigella's turkey and Jamie's gravy.

Ooops - newbie error - sorry :-)

and Hello :-D

ClaireDeLoon Wed 22-Dec-10 21:38:26

Explain Jamie gravy please - I was just planning on doing normal home made gravy (roasting tin, flour, chicken stock I made a few weeks ago and froze, white wine and seasoning) what is special about his gravy that I'm potential missing out on?

LauraNorder Wed 22-Dec-10 21:41:08

Jamie's gravy
Nigella turkey brining

Does Nigella butter the turkey breast before cooking like Jamie and Gordon do? I am going to do that too I think.

HarderToKidnap Wed 22-Dec-10 21:55:45

Ooh Pixie, you brined your turkey already? Will it not go mouldy? Planning to do mine Crimbly Eve in the early afternoon. DH is putting the frighteners on me with Nigellas brined turkey, started saying "salt draws moisture OUT of things" and "what if it's really, really salty" and it has not helped that both Jamie and Gordon have done a flaboured butter under the skin jobbie which means Nigella is outnumbered.

Jamie gravy - et-ahead-gravy

zonkin Wed 22-Dec-10 21:59:04

Jamie gravy in this house. We did it last year and it was gorgeous. Did ours again this year and it's in the freezer waiting for Saturday. Did double quantities too so we can stuff our faces with it on another day.

LauraNorder Wed 22-Dec-10 21:59:33

Apparently brining your turkey breaks down the meat proteins allowing your turkey to absorb flavours and remain juicy. If you do brine your turkey don't add any salt when cooking or you will end up with a too salty turkey! Good luck grin

OhCobblers Wed 22-Dec-10 22:01:11

i made jamie's gravy this week - thought it was so easy but once its on the hob you need to stick around to keep an eye on it, but great to get that job out of the way.

i'm also terrible at making a good gravy so this recipe was a huge help.

tastes great smile

CDMforever Wed 22-Dec-10 22:27:33

DH always makes Jamie's gravy, he's making the stock as I write this and it is always always top notch.

PixieX Wed 22-Dec-10 22:35:21

Nigella recomends to brine for 48 hours apparently - well thats what she said on her show last week - and I've put it in our out-house which is unheated and bloody freezing - so hopefully it will be fine - or rather, it better be!!!

She was saying that you need to bring it in from outside a while before you cook it so that it comes up to room temperature - so Im thinking that it will be freezing in the water and therefore stays fresh.

We will see :-/

planestrainsautomobiles Wed 22-Dec-10 23:00:38

Just looking through as really stuck on gravy and have so far vetoed Nigellas (tried to make it once before and it didn't work out) so will take a look at Jamies (need to make in advance as can't be doing with smells of frying on day - open plan house!)

PS Made Nigella's turkey last year and went down really well - not salty at all but very succulent and moist!! smile

planestrainsautomobiles Wed 22-Dec-10 23:04:27

Just looked at Jamie's Gravy and looks really tricky. Hate making gravy but its the most important part (or one of them) - argh! Any other ideas on the gravy - is shop bought terrible?

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