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Anyone tried Delia's cherry sauce with duck?

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nappyaddict Wed 22-Dec-10 10:10:59

Thinking of having duck this Christmas and some one told me Delia does a really simple cherry jam and red wine sauce for it. Does it go with all the trimmings of a Christmas dinner - veg, stuffing, pigs in blankets etc? I think I can't get it out of my head that you have gravy with roast dinner!

girlywhirly Wed 22-Dec-10 11:56:18

nappy, it might have been me who found that recipe.

Although I haven't eaten that sauce myself, I've often had a redcurrant jelly/red wine sauce with lamb steaks, and it's fine. If you think your guests might expect gravy, you could drain the fat and meat juices from the duck, wait until it separates and spoon off the fat so that you can use the juices and either chicken or vegetable stock to make a simple gravy. Thicken with cornflour and add a splash of madeira/marsala/wine to festive it up a bit. I like the organic Kallo stock cubes, as they are additive free (no msg)

I would have thought the cherry sauce would be fine with all the usual trimmings, after all we have cranberry sauce with turkey or chicken, and I've seen a recipe for re-heating leftover turkey slices in leftover gravy with cranberry sauce added. The cherry sauce won't be as sweet as you think with red wine added.

nappyaddict Wed 22-Dec-10 22:36:16

Would you have just the cherry and red wine sauce or would you have gravy as well?

girlywhirly Thu 23-Dec-10 08:50:19

Well, if it was just me I'd have the cherry sauce on it's own, but Dh likes his food very moist so would like to have gravy to pour on his veg and roasties. Although he would be happy with the redcurrant jelly/wine sauce with lamb as long as there was plenty of it! Won't take you long to make a gravy as well, so you can have that on veg/pots and sauce on the duck. It depends what your diners would like!

nappyaddict Sat 25-Dec-10 16:21:43

It seems really liquidy is that what it's supposed to be like?

runaroundstartsnow Sat 25-Dec-10 19:49:05

DH does a fab mango and red wine sauce with Duck, is very lush.Not tried Delias one though.

nappyaddict Sun 26-Dec-10 09:49:22

It went really nice with the duck but I mixed it with gravy to go on the veg as it seemed a bit toooverpowering on it's own.

Can you get the recipe for the mango one please

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