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Follow Santa's progress around the world

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fortyplus Wed 22-Dec-10 08:32:10

With Norad Tracks Santa

It's American, obviously, hence Santa not Father Christmas, but brilliant. Mine are a bit big for it now (15 & 17) but when they were younger they thought it was fantasric.

Parts of the world are 12 hours ahead of us so if yours are losing the magic it'll be a great way of explaining how the guy in the red suit manages to get round to everyone! smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 22-Dec-10 09:04:21

Thanks very much for that fortyplus. We looked at it last year but I'd forgotten the name.

fortyplus Wed 22-Dec-10 10:14:00

It's such good fun - don't know that I've come up with a very catchy thread title, though! I'd like people to be able to share it. Give it a bump every now and then smile

fortyplus Thu 23-Dec-10 14:09:41


fortyplus Thu 23-Dec-10 15:03:51


wonka Thu 23-Dec-10 15:18:01


fortyplus Thu 23-Dec-10 16:39:11

A bit cheeky of the Alaskans to name a town 'The North Pole'! grin

fortyplus Thu 23-Dec-10 22:53:02


moajab Fri 24-Dec-10 00:02:17

My DCs love this site - we've been following it for the last few Christmas eves. The only downside I find is that DS1 keeps getting out of bed to ask where Santa is now!

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