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Last minute Christmas gifts

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tulpe Tue 21-Dec-10 22:01:52

Popped into TK Maxx this eve to have a mooch for last minute bits and am very pleased with my haul

iPad cover for DH a bargainous £9.99. Pecksniffs set for BIL just a tenner too (smells gorgeous). Plus chocolate reindeer, ski socks, slippers, novelty Ho Ho Ho pants for 22 yo DNephew with silly sense of humour, Neals Yard pamper products.

Anyone else found some lovely last minute bargains?

DingDongMaryBSonHigh Wed 22-Dec-10 20:45:13

I went into Oxfam today, and they'd just reduced a LOAD of gifts by 50%, including packs of jams, chutneys, chocolates, Christmas cakes, wooden toys etc etc

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