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Anyone else completely failing to get into the Xmas spirit this year?!

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ampere Tue 21-Dec-10 17:10:53

Dunno why- though I have some pointers!- but I really can't be arsed this year. I mean, yes I am doing what is necessary for the family- they may not spot mummy's heart isn't in it!

Admittedly the weather hasn't helped, has it? We had arranged to meet friends in Derbyshire last weekend which would have been a nice start to The Season (ie school holidays!) but a) the snow beat us and b) a DS in the other party became unwell the day before. Sickness then scuppered 2 Carol services and me being on-call every night for my hospital job (despite being on leave this week hmm except tonight) hasn't helped!

I have now tried to arrange 2 drinks 'do's' here, one at very short notice on Saturday (when we should have been in Derbyshire) but no one could (or would??!) come- ok, it HAD snowed anew-, so I rearranged for tonight, with some initial enthusiasm from the would-be invitees: but no. One by one (bar one!), they've pulled out, presumably a combination of better offers and sickness. So 'the one' is coming with her 2 x DCs which will at least lift the tedium for my DSs who have done NOTHING all week and are due to DO nothing as I can't make any arrangements as everyone is busy!

To be absolutely honest, I am feeling a tiny bit Billy No Mates!

No wonder I am feeling a bit 'meh'!!

ampere Tue 21-Dec-10 18:07:06

See? See?

blackcoffee Tue 21-Dec-10 18:09:56

You're not alone i haven't even bought a tree

megonthemoon Tue 21-Dec-10 18:16:01

We have builders/decorators in so living in one room with all of DS's toys strewn around, and we have had a broken boiler for 10 days so huddled around a 3 bar electric heater. 12 wk old DD is ill with a rotten cough and I've recently had some bad news on health front myself. Been stuck at home as had to answer lots of ongoing qns from builders/decorators. Weather scuppered my parents Christmas visit last weekend.

I am comfort eating mince pies but it ain't making me feel any more Christmassy

Tomorrow it might get better: boiler being replaced, new carpets go in and builders finish so tree can go up and we can tidy all the crap out of this one room, DH has his first day off work so I'm off to hairdressers for cut and colour. I'm hoping all of that starts my Christmassy mood!

sarah293 Tue 21-Dec-10 18:20:44

Message withdrawn

ampere Tue 21-Dec-10 22:53:47

Come revel in my misery, come one, come all!

Get the tree up and all will suddenly be all Christmassy, coffee.. hang in there. Do not allow experience to triumph over hope!

Things can only get better, meg and hope all goes well with the respite care, riven

Sending Happy Xmas vibes (you can have mine!) to you all.

FoundWanting Tue 21-Dec-10 22:59:56

And Happy Xmas vibes to you too.

But, I'm not really feeling it, just mouthing the words. Only 3 more days and I'm not even nearly ready.

Got to drag 3 unwilling DCs into town tomorrow to get last few gifts; ice two cakes; make a thousand or so mince pies and sausage rolls; wrap and hide everything.

Can we postpone it until next week, please?

trumpton Tue 21-Dec-10 23:21:17

The Grinch stole my Christmas.I feel very unfestive. Gah Humbug.

maryz Wed 22-Dec-10 00:07:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WhatsWrongWithYou Wed 22-Dec-10 00:11:18

We're snowed in and I'm also behind; I'm kind of feeling resigned to the disappointed faces now.

And I'm so bored being stuck indoors. (Not so bored that I've done the pre-Christmas cleaning/de-cluttering, however).

swanriver Wed 22-Dec-10 00:13:34

The children quarrelled most of today sad
The local Xmas tree " stall" has disappeared before we managed to buy one off it...
And I still haven't done the washng up from Sat's Xmas party...hmm
And my DSis was cross with me this morning on the phone..sad
And tomorrow I have to take all three quarrelling children to a boring orthodontic appt. Across town...

On the other hand, they may appreciate home after that grin [perks up]

swanriver Wed 22-Dec-10 00:18:18

Ampere - my party was depleted by "s"no-go party poopers too.

On the other hand there is now plenty of extra crisps and wine for the next few days smile

My neighbour threatened to call the police when some of the junior guests had a snowball fight at 10.30pm , and I'm now not sure whether to send her a Xmas card or ignore her till New Year and hope she forgets about it...I am very worried I may bump into her...

AllSheepareWhite Wed 22-Dec-10 00:33:19

Bah humbug, not feeling the Christmas spirit at all this year,

our roof is leaking,

no tree,

we all have had flu for last week,

haven't finished shopping or got the food in,

DD waking every two hours at night,

argued with DH today about my mother coming for Christmas tomorrow,

oh and she has the goose and may be snowed in so will have to find Christmas dinner if she can't get here.

maryz Wed 22-Dec-10 09:08:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weblette Wed 22-Dec-10 09:14:41

Well dh losing his job very suddenly last week hasn't helped here. Keeping everything as normal for the dcs but inside ho ho ho is the last thing I feel tbh.

swanriver Wed 22-Dec-10 09:17:11

feeling a bit more cheerful too!

My mum is coming from Dublin today (I hope) and she asked me (bless her) to see what the weather in Heathrow was like shock as I'm in London...I advised her to check the Aerlingus website not rely on daughter's assessment of runway hmm

Now to get the children dressed..hmmhmm

swanriver Wed 22-Dec-10 09:18:24

Oh Weblette, that is horrible. Hope dcs cheer you both up xx.

swanriver Wed 22-Dec-10 09:20:58

foundwanting there you see...I would be grateful to manage any mincepies (I burnt theh only ones I tried to make last week) and I can't ice cakes, they just look like splodges. Admiration.

pipplin Wed 22-Dec-10 09:45:44

My house looks like a grotto and I have done some wrapping. However I could not be feeling less festive! This is not helped by recovering from the flu and morning sickness and trying to entertain DS.
To top all this off DP had a rather unexpected breakdown last night which has really rocked the boat.
I need to make mince pies but I don't have any mincement and there are no low floor buses for me to get the pram on. Thus everyone and thing can just go away!
Jam tart instead anyone?

maryz Wed 22-Dec-10 10:21:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weblette Wed 22-Dec-10 11:01:33

We'll get through but it was quite brutal and leaves me wanting to throttle people rather than shower them with festive cheer...

cumbria81 Wed 22-Dec-10 11:03:15

My ex-DP with whom I was trying to rebuild my relationship, told me it was all over last night.

I am devestated and am dreading Christmas.

I wish it would just fuck the fuck off.

NoahAndTheWhale Wed 22-Dec-10 11:04:16

I don't feel much like Christmas to be honest

LunarSeasonsGreetings Wed 22-Dec-10 11:18:45

dh and ds1 are going off skiing on Boxing day for 10 days - leaving me and ds2 at home on our own. Am forced to take holiday anyway as nursery is shut, can't even go the gym as creche is closed all next week. So we've got no decorations, will have no special Christmas food or drink (dh reckons not worth it if he's not here), we've had no post for a week so not even any cards. There'll be no panto trip this year as ds1 will be away and ds2 is too young. I work from home, so there's not even been a work Christmas party/lunch. Parents have sent a cheque for Christmas which will disappear into the joint account and never be seen again, so no presents. Yeah it'll be great.

wfrances Wed 22-Dec-10 11:46:13

we are all sick,my dbf is flying to new york for xmas so wont see her,my ds 6 whos birthday is on xmas eve has the flu,raving temp since last friday as does my ds12.
dp is a postie and is fearing for his life out delivering parcels as roads are still bad
im in charge of xmas dinner but have hardly any kitchen worktops -dp hasnt had time to finish the new kitchen.
i bought so many xmas mags and cook books but now feel to crap to make anything nice.
house is decorated and shopping done thank god.

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