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How much in total have you spent this year?

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headfairy Mon 20-Dec-10 18:19:32

I've never worked it out before, I've been fortunate enough to be able to buy not quite what I want, but to not have to worry too much. Things are different this year and I've totted it all up and it comes to £300 but that's before I've bought dh's present (he says to wait until the sales) plus I'm planning to give our nanny a bonus of about £100. I have bought for 18 people out of that. Doesn't included the dcs stockings or stuff to put in the advent calendar.

MassiveKnobOfBrandyButter Mon 20-Dec-10 19:28:00

I think you have done very well to get 18 people presents for 300 quid.

I have not worked mine out, and I don't dare but I know it will be well over a grand, before food.

iloveblue Mon 20-Dec-10 19:35:45

I think we've spent about £350-£400 - thats for all DS1 and DS2's presents and all the familys (just totted that up and thats 12 adults and 6 children). Plus extra £14 to see Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.
We are going to in-laws for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and my Mum's for Boxing Day - so havn't had to get any Christmas food in, although will take some contributions with us to both.

I have made quite a few of presents for family this year which has helped keep the cost down.

Seona1973 Mon 20-Dec-10 19:57:43

I dont want to calculate ours but with an xbox and an ipod and games along with other bits and pieces it will be rather a lot!!

jester68 Mon 20-Dec-10 20:30:33

Have spent £160 on presents for our 2dd's
Another £10 on xmas eve basket (includes pair of pyjamas each, couple of bath toys, chocolate coins for my eldest and white choco buttons for baby. Eldest will also have toothbrush and toothpaste, bubble bath to share. I shop around in the sales!)

£100 on my oh and he spends the same on me- total £200
£35 on mum and her partner
£15 on toiletry sets for 3 brothers and 2 sister in laws (3 for 2)
aunt and uncle- free (picture of girls and a picture done by dd1 for them)
Nephew aged 8- joke set, ben 10 fleece blanket, ben 10 t-shirt, 2 hot wheel cars £10.50
niece aged 6- hello kitty large toy, hello kitty fleece blanket £14
niece aged 5- disney enchanted ds game, hannah montana bracelet £11
Nephew aged 2- triple pack thomas dvds, large friction car £8
Nephew aged 6mths- long sleeve top, vibration winnie the pooh teether rattle, sunshine teether rattle £7.50
2 schoolmates of dd1 -alladin colouring books with pencils 50p each -total £1
teachers- chocolates and biscuits £3.50

Mil- windproof umbrella (she wanted it) £12
her husband- nivea mens set £5
Fil- slippers, lynx set £8
His wife- bath salts set- free with 3 for 2
His sister- dove set, alcohol chocolates £6
her partner- lynx set £5
Niece aged 12- dressmaker set £14.99
Nephew aged 7- toy story hama set £14.99

So £541.48 on buying presents for everyone

Then xmas day food £12= including turkey with all trimmings (had vouchers to help with cost)

Boxing day buffet- £10

Nibbles and alcohol plus pop- £20

crackers £4

Total for that £46.00

So overall total will be £587.48

This is for 16 adults, and 11 children including gifts to each other and our 2 daughters, plus xmas food ,drink and extras shop

Not too bad

littlebird3 Mon 20-Dec-10 21:38:00

£90 on our 3 dc's (between them, not each)
Bottle of wine for parents & nothing for anyone else this year

SantasENormaSnob Mon 20-Dec-10 21:40:03

More than 1k.

SylvanianFamily Tue 21-Dec-10 07:30:57

£645 to get gifts for 48 people. To be fair, mostly home made v. Low cost gifts, and a few bigger ones.

without food ( though that won't be much more than a normal week - we'll be just dcs and dh and I , eating chicken, and and barely drinking).


izzybiz Tue 21-Dec-10 07:36:56

Ds1 - £300 on christmas presents, £125 on his birthday pressie- he is 18 on the 27th!

Dd - £250ish

Ds2 - £250ish

Dh- £150ish

Everybody else (nieces, nephews, parents etc)
another £250ish

Thats before the food shop....Ooops!

sleighBELLasringing Tue 21-Dec-10 07:39:06

A lot.

We only have to buy for 2 DS's 13 & 11, my parents, grandad, niece and nephew.

Have spent around £800 - most of that being DS1's new guitar which is £400 alone.

Food will come in probably around £200 - I am cooking as usual on xmas day - will be 10 of us.

domesticsluttery Tue 21-Dec-10 07:52:01

DC presents about £60 each x 3 = £180

Mum present: £15

PIL present: £25

Nieces, nephews, friends' children: 7 x £5 = £35

Friends: 3 x £5 = £15

SIL: £10

Secret Santa (my work) = £5

Secret Santa (DH's work) = £5

Teachers gifts x 3 = £12

TA's gifts x 5 = £5

Sunday school teachers' gifts x 2 = £2

DS1's piano teacher's gift = £5

DS1 & DS2's football coaches' gifts x 2 = £6

DH's present cost about £40. He has probably spent similar on me.

So around £400 on presents altogether.

Food and drink has probably cost around £200, but we are having both my mum and the PIL on Christmas Day.

So food and gifts in total around £600.

amothersplaceisinthewrong Tue 21-Dec-10 07:58:56

Around £1600 in total. Obscene, yes, but we have had years in the past where we have had no money and therefore spent very very little.

trumpton Tue 21-Dec-10 08:19:17

4 DCs all grown up = £400
1 DH = £70
1 MIL = £100
Family (not close ) =200

food and drink over the week =£300.

So probably about £1100 but if I really eally analysed it and added in stockings and the fact that DS is having posh designer specs (Note the fact he is a grownup not a little boy who needs specs--I am not THAT mean)then nearer £1500. But in my defence it is all paid for and nothing is on credit card.

hockeypuck Tue 21-Dec-10 08:20:48

Have spent a little more this year because I finally have a little bit of unaccounted for income.

DH - £8 on a DVD and sweets from the DCs(because I took him away for a weekend in the autumn for his birthday/christmas combined).

DD & DS - get about £150 each this year including stockings - but partly because at least £140 total of that is on clothes and things that they need anyway.

Gradnparents x 4 - about £50-60 per couple

Sister - £50, tons of lovely things from Not on the High Street/Amazon
BIL - £30 Amazon wish list things
Nephew, age nearly 2 - £30, plus one of my DCs old favourite toys, fisher price farm, which is pristine in it's original box and they loved so much, so they have wrapped it up for him as a present from them.

Brother/Sis in law - £30 between them amazon wish list

Other brother/sister in law - we don't buy for because we only do the children, but as we are there for christmas day, I've bought a small house gift for £15 and lots of alcohol and snacks as a contribution towards the food bill.
Nephew and Niece - £20 each, playmobil and books

Elderly relatives - £10 (biscuits)

School teachers, helpers etc - £20 (contribution towards class collection and chocolate biscuits)

Other random friend's children we buy for - £20 altogether, bits and pieces

Postman - £20 (he is AMAZING and often brings packages back in the evening when he knows I'm out at work during the day to save me a trip to the sorting office)

Best Friend - £20. We have a budget of about £10, but she always buys for my DCs too, so I always go over the budget on her present in return.

Woah - I really have gone overboard this year as that is more than £700 not including DH's trip in the autumn or what he is spending on me. I've also bought myself some new PJs and a book in case DH's present to me is rubbish (one year I had sharpie markers only and I had to ask 5 times for my birthday present because he kept forgetting to get it sorted out - it came 4 months late).

There have been so many years in our adult lives that we've not had any money to buy for each other and only £10 to spend on family members and ended up in debt in January, so I'm glad this year I've been able to spoil people a little bit - In a couple of years it could be bad again so I'm making the most of enjoying the giving this year.

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